Friday, June 12, 2009


I wanted to discuss about Prints! in one of my latest post a few weeks ago, I mentioned I'd have prints soon. Well, I want to apologized that I haven't gotten around that not because I haven't had the time but because when I went to do prints, staples did a horrible job and I was disappointed and ended up wasting all this money. So I'm thinking that I'll do it at kinkos in NYC this Saturday. My Mom is coming down from PR to visit me and my brother who happens to live in Manhattan. So I will take that opportunity and check them out. I know that some of you might be thinking about prints. I haven't forgotten, I want them too. I will let you know when I will have them. Unfortunately prints won't be on blocks like I mentioned on Etsy due to not having enough and cannot buy them now. Only some originals. Some originals will not be on wood. Ooh, I do love wood!! but some paintings without wood would be just great mounted on reeve paper and also painted on watercolor paper which I love as well. Well guys, prints will be here soon. For those who love my originals, grab them once you can before someone one else takes it. Every original has a sweet wonderful story to tell. Stay tune for more cause I'm coming with more lovely work!

Swimming in pools of fish

done in gouache gesso charcoal on kraft paper on wood block
protected with fixative

Last night I had a dream I was under water with all these beautiful fish but the thing is, they all had human faces. They were calm and colorful. I have to say I'm scared of the water. Afraid to even dive in. I don't know how to swim. Thinking some sea monster would come and pull me down. When I was young I almost drowned twice since then I've been afraid of water but I am willing to conquer the fear I promised myself I would. You see, I respect the sea! There is a total different world under there. There is magic and hidden treasures and all these amazing creatures that have a life of their own. I get disgusted when there is garbage in the sea just waste and toxic oil that kill all living thing. They have the right to live a life free of polluted waste and crap floating staining the water . When I went to Cape Cod one early in the morning to see the sun rise I felt so peaceful. The sweet smell of the sea showered me with bliss.

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

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