Monday, June 28, 2010

More to see more to enjoy and take in!

New little cute black and white illustrations and will be listed on Etsy tomorrow!

These are listed on Etsy now!

The journey 
pen and ink micron pen 8 on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 11x15 and stitched against canvas fabric
A whimsical journey with the guidance of friends!

The Birth. 
pen and ink micron ink 8 on Vincent Rossini Watercolor paper 24x3

This piece is about a woman embracing herself and happy to have the beautiful gift to give birth. The birds symbolically represent strength guidance love and growth!

The naked Conversation 
pen and ink micron 8 on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 11x15
and stitched against canvas fabric

This piece is about being yourself, speaking the truth, saying it out loud, speaking your mind, being honest with yourself even if others don't approve!

The calm reflection 
pen and ink micron 8 and 3 on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 15x21 and stitched on canvas fabric

THIS PIECE IS ABOUT REFLECTING, ABOUT FINDING THE PEACE AND BALANCING YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE. To be calm, to look in and see how wonderful it is to be at ease with yourself.

Verbal intimacy and disconnected bodies 
acrylic on watercolor paper on wood panel 7x7

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you ever afraid of the dark?

Good Morning everyone, I'm up early today! I been going to bed late and getting up late. I think I had enough of that. It does feel good to be up early in the morning. Sometimes when I get up late I feel like crap and that is because when I sleep late and get up early feeling heavy and in need of more sleep. Now,  I do do love working when everyone is sound asleep and the town is quiet and all I hear is my rooster and a raccoon shuffling through the the bushes to find something to eat. One night a raccoon ate one of the chickens because George forgot to close the coop. I was up that night and the sound was horrible and eerie. I new something wrong was happening. So I ran out side in the dark with flash light and the raccoon ran off but chicken was dead with a broken neck and another chicken was missing.  I cried and felt so sad for it. You know I'm afraid of the dark. Always have been afraid of the dark since I was a little girl. I remember Sammy my cat went off one night for a three hours. I was beginning to panic and so I went out there in the woods to find him in the dark calling him, it was 1am in the morning. I spend 20minutes calling my cat. I realized I wasn't afraid of the dark anymore that night. I did not care, all I cared about was finding Sammy and hoping he was okay. Suddenly I heard a meow and felt this white thing following me, it was Sammy Meowing to me, saying mom I'm here, I'm okay. I looked at him and said you scared me to death I told him. It is time to go home. And while I was heading home I began to feel frighten of the dark again. I heard a thing going through the grass and I ran with Sammy. I'm a wuss, I know! But when it comes to my animals, I'm like a big fearless lioness taking care and protecting her cubs and so the dark is not an issue anymore when I'm out looking for my babies I love!

Today it's Friday and it's art shopping day for me. I need watercolor paper badly. I usually stock up on watercolor but it's gone used all my watercolor paper. So Today is the day, an art supply spree day for goodies and maybe going to a tag sale!
Yesterday I spend my day creating these beautiful little pieces that are done in acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini watercolor cold press 140lb paper  5" X 5" and it's protected with fixative. I decided that I will stitch these beauties on canvas fabric.

Bunny little me

Going for a ride on my bicycle 

 A day for hugs, want a hug!

Feeling colorful and groovy

Meow, got milk!

Oops, did I forget something!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soaking in beauty!

I have goodies here to show you some eye candy, full of vibrant colors.
Painting #1-A good day to take a walk,  Painting #2- Waiting for my next destination, Painting #3 - Take me home
These are done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor Vincent Rossini paper 6'' x 9''

Been away for a while. Well it has been 7 days though it does feel like weeks.
I been so busy painting organizing and stuff , recharging myself for the weeks to come. I'm getting the big itch to travel and I can't wait when I do. My mother is coming to visit soon and I can't wait to see her. Spending time with mom is a lot of fun. We get to talk laugh share our thoughts ideas and then, we fight argue cry and hug and laugh again. 

I took another direction with these paintings simply by stitching my characters directly to canvas fabric and add acrylic. Size 9" x 8" and 6" x 10"

Creating these pieces was a lot of fun. I really am tempted to buying a sew and embroidery sewing machine, hmmmmmmmmmm!
A cute little painting done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper measuring 4" x 3"

There was one late night when I had so much coffee and I created these two wacky pieces which I love!
Too much Coffee!
Done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper 5" x 5"

Ms little red riding hood on her journey home
Size of wood panel is 7" x 7"
Now this piece is done in collage and acrylic. The texture you see here is handmade paper and what you do is take your small pieces of texture hand made paper and mod podge gluing into your wood panel and let it sit for 30min. And now that you waited for your paper to dry you will see the cool affects. Now you can start painting. I work with a dry bristol brush giving me exactly the affects I want as well. Gesso is very important! When doing this, I add my gesso first before I start to paint. You can use Black gesso too! Try it! It's a lot of fun.

My red tree
This piece as well was done in the same medium collage handmade paper and acrylic!

Fiber art
Done on canvas decorative fabric. An abstract stitch work 
These mini pieces are 4" x 4"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patches of fields

Patches of fields 
A journal handmade book
Done in canvas fabric stitched together. There are 12 handmade Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper stitched to the canvas fabric made into a book. Size of book 6'' x 6'' You can use the book to draw, paint and write poetry or anything your heart desires.  

I'm back and I can't stop! My hands ,my mind is going. My creative juices are flowing! I love love this piece! This is a patch work I designed today and I finished and I adore it. Beautiful patterns of decorative fabric compliment each other so nicely. An abstract landscape of leaves flowers , trees and patches of fields. What a nice way to spend your mornings or nights having wine tea or coffee writing in this beautiful book made just for you!

The little blue button book

The little blue button book 
Done in canvas fabric. There are 12 lovely stitched handmade watercolor paper pages full of words of love and inspiration. My character is done in acrylic and the dress in decorative fabric. The book has a little button so that when you are done you can close it with the hemp cord attached to the book. The little book measures 21/2inches wide and 21/2 inches long.

Good Morning! Had another late night putting together a cute little book but this time it is not a pendant. It is a book as you can see when you scroll down about opening your heart and embracing all that you feel and see. To enjoy the moments of the present, to create deliciously through art. To indulge in all that means a lot to you to which gives purpose. I thought it would be so beautiful to put 12 pages stitch them together in fabric and handmade watercolor paper and write about what inspires. When feeling moments of  gloom, stress, worried, tired, blue and thinking to much,  just look at the  cute little book and read with your heart wide open. That when feeling all these things that it is okay and temporary and then on to something else that makes you smile and happy. 

When it comes to our responsibilities trying to keep your home in check,  your bills,  your life, the family, the chores, the errands it can leave us pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Emotionally we are stress not enough time to play to have fun which is also important. By the time you want to settle down and make art or do what makes your heart happy and relax, it is time for bed. We want to scream to yell and even cry. Keeping everything in control so that your roof doesn't fall apart. Well moments like these can definitely make you want to jump off your skin and run, life is that way sometimes. So we must take a moment to ourselves to breath, to bath in bliss, to read a good book, to take time to yourself  or calling a friend for a great laugh and connect, to paint or attend to a lovely garden and sit on a bench and not think but breathe. To sketch ideas and goals you want to achieve, to make a plan to do what you love, to find the balance in it all. So yes fun and play is needed in our daily life, our sugar,  the sweetness that takes over. When  everything else gets nutty the sweetness of your perspective makes your life a lot easier.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The pendant book

Hi everyone! I been working on a new project, a Pendant Itsy Book. I wanted to create a pendant that not only you can wear beautifully around your neck but you can read as well. A book pendant of inspiration! 
It's quite adorable and fun!!! A little book necklace you can flip through while you sit to have a a cup of tea or when you feeling like you need a happy thought of inspiration, a reminder, just take a look in your pendant and smile. 

The Spiritual Pendant of inspiration is done in fiber art,  felt, muslin fabric, canvas fabric, decorative fabric, button, hemp, acrylic, ink and Vincent Rossini watercolor paper. Pendant book measures 2''x 2'' - 2inches long and 2 inches wide.  The hoop is made out of strong brown and tan hemp measuring - length, 17inches long with end caps, silver parrot clasp and falls nicely around your neck just below your collar bone.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Free Spirit Pendants

Good Morning everyone! I have goodies, FIBER ART PENDANTS!!!
I have turned abstract pieces of art into fiber art pendants and I absolute love the results.
I call them 
Free Spirit Pendants
The wonderful thing about  jewelry that is limitless.
You can turn jewelry into anything you want.
These art pendants are canvases, canvases that speak of color from the soul.
The sensitivity and the love form a connection in each color. A landscape of patterns eloquently in tune and poetically romantic .
The pendants represent a bohemian style where art is the means for living true.
These are done in decorative fabric stitched beautifully. Some pendants I added a red pom pom charm to add to the pendant decor. Each Pendant are done in different sizes. 

The free spirit pendant
Mi dulce Encuentro
My sweet encounter
Pendant # 1 - measures 21/2  inches wide 21/2 inches long which falls beautifully on the chest. The hoop is made out of strong brown and tan hemp measuring - length, 18inches long with end caps, silver parrot clasp and falls  nicely around your neck just below your collar bone.

Amor serca en mis pechos
 Pendant # 2 - measures 2 inches wide 2 inches long which falls beautifully on the chest. The hoop is made out of strong brown and tan hemp measuring - length, 18inches long with end caps, silver parrot clasp and falls  nicely around your neck just below your collar bone.

Colores Rodea mi alma
Colors surrounds my soul
Pendant # 3 -  measures 2 inches wide 21/2  inches long which falls beautifully on the chest. The hoop is made out of strong brown and tan hemp measuring - length, 18inches long with end caps, silver parrot clasp and falls  nicely around your neck just below your collar bone.

Mi sol, mi tierra, mi vida y
mi amor no estoy sola
My sun, my soil, my life and my love I'm not alone
Pendant # 4 -  measures 21/2 inches wide 21/2  inches long which falls beautifully on the chest. The hoop is made out of strong brown and tan hemp measuring - length, 18inches long with end caps, silver parrot clasp and falls  nicely around your neck just below your collar bone.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colors gives us purpose

A rainy day! I been inside all day creating, cleaning and cooking! A great day to simply enjoy the comfyness  of one's home, with music on the backdrop while you paint having tea. And while enjoying the raindrop  I created another piece I want to share with you and it's called 
Colors gives us purpose!
Without color, the world would be a very sad gloomy place. But it is not the case, thank god! Come to think of it, the only time the world becomes dark it's when our own sad song repeats itself in our heads. Now now, we can't have that. Though I know I had my days of gloom. But by the end of the day the light, the colors always find itself shining through. Just feel be completed naked and feel the passion cover you in all it colorful bliss.
This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper with white border around image and sewn onto canvas fabric measuring 9'' x 22''

Are you ready!

Are you ready to take flight?
This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini 140lb handmade watercolor paper measuring 9''x 22''

Are you ready to explore greater heights? Well, then spread your wings open your mind and see beyond your cubical. There is so much to enjoy and learn. With an open heart, you can see the beauty around you but first, Beauty begins when you start embracing excepting yourself and everything else will blossom and follow. Take a leap! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

More lovely things to share!

Hello! Today I have  more to show you but first I just need to say that these cool days have been great and comfortable! It actually feels like fall. I love summer I can bare the humidity. Also I want to say thank you for all your wonderful support on my last post. It has not been easy but the good thing is, that by the end of the day when I finish a piece or two, I feel happy. And in keeping my faith and believing in myself gives me strength and the creativity to do beautiful things. Last night was a late night for me going over my blog and creating new paintings. You will see I change my template. I might not keep it very long just wanted to try the new designs But I think I prefer to stick with the simple white backdrop. This template has not grown on me yet though it looks pretty cool. Well lets see! 

This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal, one of my favorite mediums, Both mediums compliment each other well. I LOVE IT! Measuring 7'' x 6'' And I'm thinking of sewing this cute piece on canvas fabric.
I call it
Making new friends

This one is done in the same medium acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini hand made watercolor paper 140lb measuring  7''x 7''
I call it 
Never be afraid to fly greater heights
It's about a girl showing her friend a bird explaining how freedom is bliss. A symbol - to spread your wings and embrace all that is in front you and go the distance to explore new wonderful things.

Now This piece which is a lot different and oh so beautiful was inspired by a movie called Emma Woodhouse by Jane Austin. Which takes place I think in the 1800's and I love love that Century for the costumes the art, even in the way they spoke in those days,  the dresses, the houses, the conversations over tea, the dancing and the fabric they use in those days are just stunning! It is all beautiful though it was also dark period for women when men  ruled almost everything and women were to bare as many children as possible and speak not of they're dreams. And if they did speak of such desires to be something greater, they weren't respected much. I admire the women who rebelled, who were strong enough to go against such elitist rubbish ego centric arrogant blind sided nonsense. Rules that did not work but only added chaotic disputes solely on power dismissing  the true purpose. Women have voice, the virtue, the love, the passion, the wisdom, the intelligence, the strength to make a difference in their life and more!
I call this piece 
Women have voice!
This piece is done with stitch decorative fabrics, pen and ink on 140lb watercolor paper sewn to canvas fabric measuring 7''x7''

This little piece is done also stitched decorative fabric, pen and ink on watercolor paper sewn on to canvas fabric measuring 4''x4''
Dreams are in motion

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