Wednesday, November 18, 2009

whimsical paintings on wood blocks mounted on wood panel!

I had these on my wall and wanted to join them together as a group and here are the pieces.
fits just perfectly!! I love them!!

Now each wood block measures 5x5 together as you can see here measures 10x10 on wood panel 11x12 in a half.

Painted in acrylic directly on wood.

Title of piece
I flow and spill in Love's embrace!

This cute and wonderful piece are done in acrylic directly on wood blocks - each piece measures 5x5 mounted on wood panel - 6x12
Born in wild colors of her womb!

Another piece I put together is also done in this medium acrylic on wood block measuring 5x5 mounted on wood panel 6x17 in a half

Explore the roads in the sky!

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