Monday, March 12, 2012

Student's beautiful final piece!

Laura Mc Hugh from NJ
Thank you Laura
It was lovely to have you join the workshop!

My students final assignment!
Each student handed me their beautiful piece of art. And deserves to be posted here for all of you to see, how talented and motivated they all are. I'm proud to know that each one of them are growing as artists. As you will see each piece are very different from each other, tapping into their own unique style. It was fun for me to see how they all let themselves go allowing them to grow and be free. Some had a difficult time but mistakes are also beautiful. Mistakes is what makes you grow. Each artists must allow room to make mistakes and watch how mistakes in a piece art develops into something beautiful and special. And you begin to understand yourself. Is about being open with what comes and facing little frustrations which allows you to see in a whole new fresh perspective. Some had a hard time working in a large scale. I know this too well. It was hard for me at first. It is a challenge working this big 20 x 30. To create the big picture is intimidating and exciting at the same time. Once you continue to expand yourself in this size, you will have room for your spirit to flow in a whimsy way. Each student will receive an original piece from me shipped today Monday!!!!

Here is Bobbi's work!
Love her sense of playfulness. She tapped into herself and develop her own unique way with color being wild and free.
These pieces are wonderful!!!
Love love!

Here is Jan's beautiful piece!
It's fun whimsy fill with playfulness. Her characters are quirky and colors are beautiful!

Theanne has a natural way of telling stories with her illustrations.
Makes me want to dive into her whimsy world. There is so much beauty and innocence in her pieces. Love it!!!

Laura from California
There is something so homey, soft, pure  about her paintings which calms me.
Is like taking the time to just enjoy the moment. 
loveeee it!

 Laura from NJ
It's wonderful to see the artist's process. I love how her figures are laid out on her paper. You can also see the motivation and playfulness in her pieces.  Such a whimsy treat to see the artist have fun.
I love this piece!

Dody is known for her outings in the country, capturing the beauty  of  nature. Her landscapes, her animals and her horses.
Love how she uses her purple and yellow for the piece below.
Wonderful pieces!

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