Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An artist's journey is freedom

An artist's journey is freedom art necklace.
This beautiful necklace inspired by the new journey home, the smell of rich soil and mango trees.

Done in soft linen crochet in nylon cord made in mexico and with necklace features charms and beautiful stones and glass beads. Each charm hangs from a nylon cord. Size of necklace is 36inches long. You can tie necklace and adjust yourself.

What's new! As some of you may know, We are moving to Puerto Rico. I can't believe how fast June is going. I mean really and I wish it can go faster cause I am so excited to be there. But need to have patience. I have great news - I QUIT SMOKING AND IT'S BEEN 15 DAYS! I am happy and proud of myself. I need to tell you that it has been very hard. You have no idea how many slips I had. But now I can honestly say to myself I'm done. I hate having something control me. I am in control and it feels great!  The worst thing you can do to your body.  Now I need to apologize if I have not come to visit your blogs. But I will once I settle down and feel totally home. I may not post any painting. I have so much to do I am overwhelmed. But my shop is open if you love to have a piece from me. I will let you all know when the shop will be close. Well my lovely artists have a wonderful week!

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