Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art - a colorful symbol of spirit and culture!!

By Hagar Arnon Elbaz

One day as I was sitting drinking my coffee in front of my computer searching on Etsy - as I do when I first wake up in the morning enjoying all the beautiful work that inspires me! I saw Hagar's creative beautiful jewelry made of fabric and I fell in love with her craft. Simply because is simple and eloquent. I love simplicity and originality. This beautiful necklace I fell in love with - she explains This outstanding somewhat oriental necklace is made of cotton hand-made beads along with beads from wood, glass and semi precious stones that are gathered on three strong and flexible beading threads. It's lovely!! As in her Bio Hagar expresses her love about her craft - My love for textile, buttons, beads, lace and ribbons goes back very far to the time when I was a little girl visiting my grandma's house. My grandma had a room full of cupboards of all sizes and colors in which she piled her treasures that had come all the way from Germany back in 1939. It included fur coats, stray keys, strings, mother of pearl and crystal buttons from her father's shop, lace along with cotton night gowns and linen she had received for her wedding.

This room was my paradise.
When I grew up I followed my love and became a textile designer.
Many of the necklaces are made from second hand neckties. Neckties were always a mystery to me. No man in my environment has ever used one. Undoing this unknown object, using its tiny beautiful, colorful prints and turning it into female decorations was a challenge to my imagination.

Hagar also explains what Gilgulium means in Hebrew which is rolling up but also metamorphose and reincarnation.
Check it out!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More from the only art give birth to authenticity series

These here are done in acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper- Finest handmade quality paper Vincint Rossini - 4x5

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hellooooo Everyone!! These new pieces are called - Only art give birth to authenticity that is where the true self begins and never dies.

This piece is done in mix media collage acrylic on a wood panel cradled with a baltic face - 8x8
I call this piece
The sweet layers of a painter
These here are done in acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper- Finest handmade quality paper Vincint Rossini - 4x5

And I call these series
Only Art give birth to authenticity, that is where the true self begins and never dies - love you!!

I'm still sick with Bronchitis due to weather changes and hardly any sleep. For the past two weeks I been coughing and sneezing way too much - thinking it was probably my allergies acting up. But it got a lot worse- I went to the doctor and I was told I had bronchitis. And how I should lay low, sleep sleep, drink lots of fluids and eat soup- favorite soup is lentil with tiny red potatoes. Well I'm stubborn- I tried to rest but I could not sleep three days without painting was killing me. Yesterday late Monday Morning at about 1am I get up to eat an honey crisp apple while everyone was sound asleep and decided to stay up and paint and finished painting 8 itsy pieces and abstract painting. By the end of the day I was so tired I slept like a baby and happy I painted. So here are the itsy paintings called Only art give birth to authenticity that is where the true self begins and never dies.
Well, I’m a compulsive artist. And what I mean by that --compulsively need to paint what I feel and see. If I don’t, I feel I missed out on something important. It’s like humming a song in your head; it’s a great song and you can’t wait to write it down and if you don’t you missed out on some real good lyrics. I obsessively, day and night, think about art. There’s not a day I don’t think about it. I sleep in it. It is magic and I immerse myself in. It’s a contact, a colorful welcome. It touches me so eloquently. A place where I can do just anything with no interruption or interference. I try not to take myself too seriously. I take my days as they come, painting constantly on a whim. And when I find myself seriously driven by non sense I write about what’s bothering me. Then it’s time to play in my studio. I’m 38yrs old and also 10yrs old. When I take life too seriously, the 10yr old pounds me on my head telling me I need to take it down a notch and breathe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Las ninas jugando con los pajaros!

This piece is done in acrylic on 24x30 100% thick rag paper- great for all mediums
I used modeling paste, gesso and acrylic.

I'm in love once again!! love love this piece! Beautiful in a simple frame.
I call it Las ninas jugando con los pajaros- The little girls playing with the birds.

Kids love to chase birds in the park. I remember when I was living in Puerto Rico I'd sit in the park and watch the kids play and chase birds.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working through things together- As a Team!

Done acrylic on 100% rough white rag paper- 24x30
Working through things together- AS A TEAM!

I simply adore and in love with this piece!
George and I have this thing where we do things as a team - the house, the dog, the cleaning, the organizing, the laundry, the taking turns in cooking when I'm tired or working on a project. And I find it works very well. It makes life a little easier. Sometimes I do the house chores when he's tired and want to lay low doing his organizing or fixing things around the house - that part I don't do. He's a genius in putting things together. I call him an artist too! Yesterday was a day I did some cleaning and cooking. I love cooking and cleaning the house! It feels so much better when everything is organize put in it's place. A clean house my life feels wonderful. The puppy is sure a handful I tell you - when not looking she finds things to chew on. We a training her! She lets me know when it's time poop poop and pee pee! If not she will sit beside me by the table and bark! I want to be let out, need to go you know! So we go for a long walk and play for a bit. We bought some chewy toys for her but she insists in going upstairs to the bedroom and play with this particular black bra. Going fast around in circles trying to catch my bra coiled around her neck. I laugh just looking at her go nutts and having fun but no no no! Then she chases Sammy the cat and Sammy doesn't want to play rough or be barked at. So she goes after him and so he plays with her- playing his favorite game called hide and go seek and then he leaps and pounds on her. But she doesn't like that game! So they both get bored and fall asleep! I guess Sammy won the game! It does get crazy at times but it's great to watch them interact. Sometimes they play by themselves or I play with them acting either like a dog or a cat and they look at me and wonder is she a weirdo or what!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The girl who sees the beauty in all things!

done in acrylic on 140lb cold press watercolor paper-6x8

The girl who sees the beauty in all things!

The doll who lived in the attic!

This piece is done in acrylic charcoal on 100% rag paper 24x30
The doll who lived in the attic!
And she would sing and shine in millions of colors.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ugga ugga ugga boo, purrrrrrrrrrrr! It's Halloween!

Hi My name is Ugga! I'm done in acrylic and ink on 100% rag paper- 14x24
Ugga ugga ugga boo, purrrrrrrr! It's Halloween!
She's pretty entertaining ay! very cute! I love her. I thought oooh it's almost halloween and Suddenly she came dancing silly in my imagination and said draw me, me me me, I'm next! Well, here she is.

As for this little guy, his name is Ely. He's adorable!! Well he is made soft fleece fabric and measures 11inches long and 5inches wide- cute little fellow!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A kiss from the fish king and Me!

Hello everyone!! Are you creating today? I hope so! I just finished this piece! I feel my fingers are about to fall off from painting so much. I love it!! So I'm going to relax and do some cleaning around here. Maybe go out perhaps hmmmm! I feel like going to the art store, yep! That's what I will do. I will leave you with this wonderful piece of A KISS FROM THE FISH KING! aND A KISS FOR YOU! MUA MUA!
Done in acrylic on 100% white rag paper -18x24
A kiss from the fish king!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A whimsy little mermaid opera act for you!

This piece is also done acrylic on 100% white rag paper-18x24
A whimsy little mermaid opera act for you!

I simply adore this piece! I love mermaids. If only I can hear her sing opera it would be so beautiful. Who knows, I might just one day do a stop motion animation of her some day. It will be my first time doing this, let's see how it turns out.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A flower for me!

I just finished this piece- done in acrylic on 100% white rag paper 18x24
A flower for me!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More itsy bitsy lovely paintings!!

This piece is called
Say cheers to the camera!
Done in acrylic and pencil on watercolor paper-7x8

Best friends
Done in acrylic on watercolor paper-7x8

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All in a state of mind series

All in a state of mind series
These pieces are done in collage mix media -7x8
on watercolor paper

In a state of peace!

In a state of giving!

State of the Art!

We're in a state of love!

Las muchachas de no condiciones y reglas -The girls without conditions and rules!
We live doing what we want and being happy knowing that we can. This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal- 100%Rag white paper- 18x24

A departure from reality part 2- done in acrylic mix media-12x12
On wood panel

Dancing in the abstract world!
Done in acrylic mix media on canvas- 12x12

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My new home and new paintings!!

Done in mix media collage and acrylic on watercolor paper-7x8
A day for a colorful adventure!

Done in mix media collage and acrylic on watercolor paper-7x8
Pieces of me!

Done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper-7x8
Frida's charm and colorful style!

Magaly Ohika

My home!

This my new pup. Her name is Brooke
Sweet girlie girl!

My cat, Sammy! Oooh Sammy ain't too happy!

My home '' THE ART STUDIO ''

Brooke taking a morning nap. And I'm listening to Etta James- My heart is wrapped up in clover!

That's it folks, till next time, soon very soon!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A whimsy walk!!

A whimsy walk!

First, let me say, Good Morning!! I have great news, yep colorful news I want to share with all of you. I been so busy with moving boxes, loading boxes, cleaning, going to the vet, running errands, shipping and making time to do the art. And while I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get things done in the past two weeks some ideas come swirling in my mind. Usually my ideas come when I'm driving, taking a walk, playing with my cat, reading in bed and cooking. During those two weeks a friend asked if I can paint her shoes for a wedding she was going to attend. I said, that would be cool!!I'm wondering hmmmm what should I do with these shoes? So the driving around, running errands an idea came into mind, COLLAGE! THAT'S IT, COLLAGE! Then I thought, would it work? I felt like a scientist trying to come up with the right solution before he announces his product to the world. I want to do it right, so I tried it. I started designing collaging her shoes using Mod Podge and elmers glue which works if not better for a reasonable price. And when it dries you get this clear translucent water proof coating. Well, I was done! I let it sit over night. The next day I was excited!! Well before I handed in to her, I wanted to try them on. Decided to use them all day. I had questions like would it tear? Would it hold? A good way to find out was to wear them. And so I found out. When I came back home the shoes did tear from the sides. But like all artists and scientists we try not to give up. We use other methods that would finally work. I did some research. And found what I was looking for. I ordered a A strong polymer gloss varnish rubbed effect and a Matt polymer both water resistant and non scuff. Fill of anticipation waiting for my order to arrive which took 5 days to get here. I was excited and hoping it would work and so happily it did!! I wore them again after having them sit over night completely dry. And yes the collage did not crack. I was so happy happy!! I took a whimsy walk to Great Barrington in Mass and was complimented by the shoes I made. Some asked where I got my shoes? Oooh you can't get them no where cause the shoes are hand made, that is the collage part. I was commissioned to do boots. Thrilled about the shoes I made, I came up with another idea!! A whimsy walk on Etsy shop.

Can't afford designer shoes! Take a whimsy walk on my Etsy shop. Do you have shoes, boots even purse and bags. I can handmade your shoes with beautiful colors collage paint writing stamping anything you want!! That's right! Why wear shoes everyone wears when you can have your shoes hand painted, collage, mix media done by me. Take a unique whimsy walk on the colorful wild side!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The sweet colors that represents my life!

This piece is done in acrylic on watercolor paper transfer to a wood panel cradled with a baltic birch face - 12x12

The sweet colors that represents my life!

Hello!! Well let me tell you was going on, hmmmmm! Well I'm moving and I have so much stuff. I really hate the moving part but the moving into a new home is exciting, yep! That means I been busy busy and painting painting at the same time. I been commissioned to create four pieces. I haven't been posting much but the holidays are coming that means lots of beautiful work coming for my itsy bitsy Etsy shop. This weekend I set my big table with lots of paints, paper, canvas, brushes and decorative paper I just bought art Micheal's art craft store. And by the way, I need to tell you all that I just adopted a sweet chocolate German short hair pointer. she's two months and very cute but has a horrible cough, so off she goes to the vet tomorrow. My cat Sammy isn't too thrilled with her. They are both sleeping right now. It's October and it's getting very chilly. I just got rid off a horrible cold and Maggie doesn't like it when she gets sick I can't paint. I'm miserable when I'm sick but my hubby gave me some tea and soup and lots of love to cure me. And off I went to paint, yippie!!!!!!!!

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