Collage Art Bliss Workshop videos

Hi Everyone, I'm excited to announce my new workshop Collage Art Bliss!
What this class is about, a series of pieces that will be done in mix media collage using wonderful fun findings and more. First we will begin using collage as our medium to create our piece with minimal use of water. A technique of scraps and dried paint will be added to your brown bogus paper ( acid free) with a dry bristle brush.We will also be using using distress ink.

The whole purpose of brown bogus paper is to experiment creating images that will utilize the natural fibers of this paper. The paper is wonderfully obsorbent which makes it easy to create. Now we will also be using watercolor paper in this class as well as decorative paper as a back drop shown above on the left. What I did is, I took a piece of 8 x 8 decorative paper and started creating my art adding all the beautiful findings and supplies I have to make the piece interesting and fun. And that is exactly what I want you all to do.

Supplies :

So what you will need is glue stick, tracing paper, scraps of old materials, watercolor paper, paint - watercolor paint for your watercolor paper, acrylics, pastels, dry brush, round watercolor brush, decorative paper pad at Micheal's Art Craft store, anything you have USE!

Get gold leaf!

The class is on going. You can watch it at anytime and download anywhere.
Once class is purchased you will be given a secret password!
First week video one, create three to four pieces 6 x 6 and 8 x 8
Every week a video wiill be posted
There will be 4 videos!
This class will be $65

If you have any questions and need guidance I am here.
You can reach me or Facebook Magaly Ohika

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