Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome lovely art bloggers. I have news news, ooh so lovely news!

I've been so busy with art. I will be to posting on Etsy shop soon. And I'm very thrill to be part of the Etsy shop world with all the lovely fabulous artists. I went on a shopping art spree today. I just love going for art supplies. I just want to buy everything. I'm in love, such a beautiful thing to be an artist, to see the imagination take form into lovely art on paper for the world to see. To smudge your fingers in paint, to dance, to sing, to play with your cat or your dog or your pink piggy. I want a baby pig. Gush, I live in the country and I want a pig! Oh, well maybe someday. My fluffy cat won't be so happy. He's sleeping right now. It's refreshing to know that have Internet now, sooo happy about that. I will be posting more lovely art soon in the next two days and next week. I will keep you all informed to when I will be posting selling on Etsy shop. Well, I have to go now and attend to my art supplies. Goodbye! till next time lovely art bloggers. Create create and love!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To wonder and believe with eyes open

watercolor and collage on watercolor paper

Protest- ''protect the world! ''

done in watercolor and collage

My life in all the colors of the world!

done in watercolor


done in watercolor
Smile! my mom says, we're going to church. Of all the dresses, she picks the one I truly disliked, the flower purple dress, hehehe! I love this painting! It truly captures the embarrassment that I was in with a smile. I think I have a a skirt just like it. I love dresses now, even pink and purple.

I don't want to go!

done in watercolor
I spoke to my momma today for an hour talking about life and remembering the times I was a kid. She would dress me up in these funny clothes to go to church and school. We laughed about how I didn't want go anywhere in these funny clothes that she laid out for me, especially the pink and purple dresses. You see, I was a little tomboy, wore my converse sneakers, my baggy pants and doodle in my notebook with her nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick. She had to get a new set of makeup by the end of the week, and when she did, she hid them and bought me a set of watercolors and pencils. Oooh, my childhood, love you mom!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me, My life, My art!

Hello everyone! come take a peek, it took me some time but here I am with lovely new work. Stay tune with More to come.

My day dream!

in watercolor and pen and ink
on watercolorpaper

Celebrate life with love!

done in watercolor and color pencil
on watercolor paper
I love this piece because it involves celebrating life and enjoying every minute of your existance with love and loving those around you.

People have wings

done in watercolor and color pencil
on watercolor paper

Two sisters

done in watercolor and mix media
on watercolor paper

Little sunshine!

done in watercolor and color pencil
on watercolor paper

I want mommy!

done in watercolor and color pencil
on watercolor paper

I'm a good girl

Done in watercolor
on watercolor paper

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello, I'm back!

I'm sooooooo excited!! I finally have internet at home, thank god! It's been almost a year without internet. It drove me nutts! I would walk a mile from home just to get to the library to use the internet to post and upload. Just two months ago I got my drivers licence and I was sooo happy about that, that meant my freedom to take care of things. It was refreshing! Now I have access to to the internet and yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I want to apologies for not posting as much as I wanted to but here I am with juicy news about my yummy new creations I've been up to. In the next week I will be posting beautiful paintings and more itsy bitsy monsters. Also I've been working on my children's book and I'm absolutely excited about that. Creating my first dummy book. My hands are full but I have enough time to do other things that I love as well, if it involves any form of art I'm in and ready for my next art adventure.
itsy bitsy spill - Magaly Ohika

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