Friday, April 20, 2012

A little rouge to brighten up my day!

A little rouge, pretty costumes, a circus act around the 

Done in watercolor graphite on watercolor paper.
On etsy today.

Hello, I been away this past week. It's been a rough week with a fever of 104.10 Had a virus that had me in bed crying my eyes out. My whole body was aching and when I thought the worse was over a toothache came in as a surprise that had me cry all night without sleep. What a week and without strength to draw. I sure get sick a lot and it ain't pretty. So today Friday a gorgeous day to paint to go for a walk. As for surgery that was suppose to be today was postponed due to the virus. Thank god I don't don't have to worry about surgery for now. My workshop will be open in May. More info on that soon. Have a lovely day!

There is always a great story to be told behind an old photo, Sisters

Done in watercolor graphite on watercolor paper.

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