Monday, June 30, 2014

My sculpted fine art heads

 Yes I'm in love with these beauties.
These are all in a cute little egg-shaped container charm made of 
acrylic plastic. The front is domed, and the back is flat.
The piece itself is done in clay air dry, painted in acrylic, color pencil, gesso and graphite and coated in matte Fixative. These pendants come with gorgeous glass bead necklaces as you can see below and some are beautifully simple.
Will be on Etsy later on tonight! Enjoy! 
Beautiful sculpted head pendants.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Colorful beautiful chaos booklet workshop!

Beautiful Chaos Booklet Workshop!

Hello and Welcome to making great colorful messes 
By Magaly Ohika

About this class: There is nothing more beautiful then spreading your magic on pages. There is a sense of relief and sense of elimation and sense of channeling and peaceful discoveries and recoveries. It is you and you alone in these pages full of wonderful stories and beautiful visions and dark imagery that makes it all worth painting and exploring. 
I love the beautiful chaos my own visions delivered on paper. Beautiful and at the same time, challenging. Challenge yourself to be moved by your own exploration. Paint wild, be Raw and be savage and deliciously spontanious. Don't be pretty. Be ravaged by emotinal seduction and paint it!

Your supplies
Brown paper 18 x 24
Sewing machine
paint - acrylic, color pencil, pastels, crayons, gold leaf, gesso black and white, scrapes of decorative paper and stamps and dry bristol brush
If you don't have a sewing machine get a little black book

Video 1 - How to make booklet
Video 2 - Paint wild using all the goodies you can find collage scraps
Video 3 - use a solid color acrylic  and red or white pencil
Video 4 - using pinks , grey,  white, olive green and yellow mustard and black pencil
video 5 - writings and white and black and gold leaf
Video 6 - collage and two colors and gold leaf

Three more videos next week

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweet little angels

It's quiet shhhhhhhhhhhh, silence shhhhhhhhhhh, peaceful yessssssss
I only hear the hummmmming of my voice. Drinking tea dreaming away flying free inside my head having fun places to go I am here drawing my angels my angels that whisper, see, there is so much light in your heart. Just draw it. Soon to be in color
With me my heart beats strong and pure
I come into my own, the goddess of light and love
with me are my little angels dancing around me 
I close my eyes and sing them a song of a sweet Lullabye
Good night sweet angels
Good night Goodnight
My sweet angels
by Magaly Ohika

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Golden morning!

Fairies at night 
shine above me
shower me in silver dust
guide me to my golden path
by Magaly Ohika

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Color wild!

Painting in the studio. Art work and more art work coming soon fun funnnnnnnn!!!!
When I was a little girl I use to think of stars as little people who die and become stars that bright up the night. Sometimes when I go out to the beach at night with the dogs and stare up into the sky I still think that. For some reason this piece reminds me of that. If you look closer on the right I created little star faces. I love this piece because it is simply wild at heart. See you later!

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

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