Friday, January 6, 2012

My Workshop of Art Free Form

The art workshop will begin Wednesday February 1,2012 There will only be 10 students for the first workshop. Each student will need to register before the class begins. Registration starts Friday January 13,2012. The Class of Free Form Art is $45 Dollars per student. The free form art class will be given with video tutorial on the first week on Feb. First week - Free Form Art will consist of line work, Thick and thin with graphite or charcoal, whichever you prefer will do just fine, on regular drawing paper. Note, A video tutorial about Free Form art will guide you through the process. Free Form Art is line work allowing you to express freely. But not to worry, I will show you how Free Form works. It's free style on paper with no rules. Is about letting yourself go and having fun doing it. You will learn with Free Form the depth between thick and thin line work to which adds to the piece's boldness, contrast and depth. Lines express feelings, moods, emotion and ideas. Each student's line work will communicate different emotions. Not only will you learn techniques of working with graphite and charcoal pencils but you will also find your unique style during the process. Finding Your own style is very important in this class. It is your signature. The Artwork is about you. Your soul and passion is in it. You will find yourself in the page. On the days to come during that first week, prepare a cup of tea or coffee with some cookies and have fun creating your thick and thin line work of free form. Create a drawing and have fun on paper. Send it to my email on Monday feb 6. Each student will send me their pieces. Remember this is about having fun and letting yourself go. Show me what you got Divas! Second Week - Wednesday Feb 8th - Now that we all had our fun with line work and creating a unique you on paper. Let's all free flow with color, yesssssss!!! Now you have your free form and your free flow. You guys are ready! Here we go! Free Form and free flow together make love. You can't have one without the other. They both got to come together. Color makes all the difference in your line work. It creates substance and I mean your substance. Colors make me come to life and everyday I take my graphite pencil, I start getting buck wild on watercolor paper. Get watercolor paper cold press 140lb 11 x 14 pad or 20 x 30 Stonehenge sheets.This paper is great for mix media or You can also use drawing paper and gesso it. Continuing - Once I have the image. I then protect it with Fixative to keep the graphite or charcoal from smudging. So get your fixative ready. And If you don't have one, get one! You don't want big dark muddy smudges. And if you do, there is always the magic trick, gesso to the rescue,ha! Get your watercolors, your acrylics,your pastels, gesso and charcoal or graphite. Are you ready to have fun spilling smudging and being free with no restrictions what so ever. Every single person has something special to offer especially to themselves. Let's bring her out. I want you all to have fun. And if you find yourself stuck, take a breather and walk the dog or make some tea. Come back and start again or simply go back to it the next day. In the mean time take a step back and look at your piece for a bit. Don't attack it. Attacking it is the same as attacking yourself. Don't be hard on yourself just feel free to create and explore. You have questions, I will reply as quickly as I can to help you. Stuck, watch my free form video. Get the music ready, this helps to ease you a bit. Again I will join you in this colorful journey. Email me your drawings on Monday Feb 13th. Third week - Wednesday Feb 15th - Painters of words is all about Freestyle getting jazzy jazz with your piece. Make your art into a painting of words. Write the first thing that you feel. Every art piece has a story and it needs to be loud and clear so you may embrace it with love. In this week I will show you how to make a piece of art coming to life all on it's own. You'll begin to feel free without worry or self doubt. You will see things in different forms and shapes. Painting is not only learning a new technique. Is about getting your true feelings out. Is about challenges and channeling your perspective honestly to the core. Is a therapeutic experience. If you're angry, welcome it and enlighten it with colorful words of wisdom. That goes for all the emotions you feel. Paste it, write it and paint it! Frida is one of my favorite artists due to her deep emotions nakedly spilled on canvas. And she wasn't afraid to let the world know including herself. We all can relate to her. The power she delivered in all her paintings were real and true till this day we are constantly reminded and inspired. Inspiring right? Is wonderful to learn a technique but if the piece lacks substance, is empty regardless how beautiful the technique is. Fourth week - Wednesday Feb 22 - Getting it all together. So here we are at the end of our workshop sharing and exploring who we are and knowing that we are much more. Creating brings out the best in us. We are happier to expose who we are regardless of approval. I want you all to create a piece that defines the meaning of self love and empowerment in a free form way. And remember, don't forget to have fun. I will join you this fourth week with a video tutorial. Fifth week - Send your paintings to my email. And I will post them here at The Itsy Bitsy Spill on February Wednesday 29,2012. I will have a video of the work you have all done. Now, For March Registration sign up - February 26, 2012 Stay tuned for March Art Workshop! Class - You have me in Poetry Acrylic, charcoal, gesso, Elmers glue, collage and watercolor paper

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