Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sticking together!

Done in gouache gesso acrylic charcoal kraft paper on wood block
sprayed with fixative

Sticking together!
Morning Everyone, the sun ever so brilliant today!
It's Saturday! that means fun fun fun!! that's right, so wake up, have a nice cup of coffee, if you drink coffee and look out your window and stretch, breath and smile. One more thing, Ha! Give a sweet strong hug and a big kiss to your love ones. Now have a mean delicious breakfast! Want to take a walk, swim, cuddle, sit at the porch sipping that coffee or tea and write your journals, fabulous. Want to whip out that big canvas and start painting go ahead and pour your heart out and put on some music to dance to while your added. Feeling romantic or a need of change well, take that trip to Greece or Spain write a book you been wanting to do but haven't done, go ahead! Buy yourself a nice outfit be daring and go for a romantic dinner tonight! And say I am woman hear me roar! I am woman, I am strong and dam right, I am deliciously fabulous and savvy, loving every part of you. Want to clean house and throw out what's been rummaging through your closet things you don't need, throw them out. Hate that routine, that's a big one, I tell you! Ooh I don't like routine! take a road trip and take pictures explore new sites, go ahead.!!!!
I can go ahead and tell you more exciting things but I will ended here. Sticking together- means that no matter what we do during our days at home, A time out is needed, to talk to friends laughing, smiling, playing, helping, being supportive, embracing. It's about connecting with one another, about sharing. HAVING A GOOD TIME!!

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