Sunday, February 4, 2018

Art . Create . Happiness Workshop videos!

Art . Create . Happiness Workshop
Video 1

The Art Tap Dance Technique
Video 1

Video 3
Will be completed and up tomorrow Monday for viewing!
In the mean time Learn the technique of Tap dance
with graphite pencil

Bring out Your magic

Only you can get in the way - The self critic can stop you from achieving what you want so be gentle and kind to yourself. Do not listen to other people's judgments and negatives comments. Allow the new to come in and explore it. Embrace your creative art journey. Be very bold about it. Use your Spiritual personal elements. Be patient and consistent and practice plenty. Learn to trust your creative intuition and believe that you can. Don't allow to be discourage. Is okay to get Frustrated during your learning art process, it's allowed! But remember keep going, don't stop. Learn to step back and come back with a power bam of inspiration and excitement. Trust your instincts and wait! Allow yourself to feel it all. Channel! Tap into your own magical inner world, and stay there for a while. And paint what you see what you feel. Let it take over and transform you.

 Be genuinely yourself in your work. Nothing wrong with being influenced and admiring other artists work. Make your work your own, give yourself time. Don't be afraid of new art challenges.Stay focus in what you love and learn as much as possible.

Something to learn and understand - The difference between Art influences, inspiration vs copying
As you all know or a few may not
Is one thing to be influenced by another artist work and be inspired by it, and is another, to master/ copy the admired artist and then sell or share it as your own.
That's a Big NO NO!
Remember there will never be another Dilka Bear or a Cathy Cullis and other artists as well who have master there own personal style.
For the Artist/Beginners - To develop your own style you must tap into your creative growth by
bringing out your individual personal self to your art. Explore and experiment with techniques.

But if you truly want to be an artist, you've got to inject a piece of yourself into your drawings.

 Is always in the eyes
But is also about the emotions, the moods , the expressions that plays a role in the character
Bring them to life allow them to appear. I want your girls to speak to me.
Technique is to use your own inner voice your own feelings, and use your personal elements.

Video 2

Art . Create . Happiness workshop Is in the eyes video 2 from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Wearing Happiness
Video 3 and Video 4 yes 4!
And a Video 5 is coming up!

Art . Create . Happiness workshop Video 3 and 4 paint it cut it and paste it from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

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