Friday, May 22, 2009

My itsy bitsy Monsters!

Itsy bitsy monsters on Etsy - waiting to be adopted to a sweet home.

Meet Jack!

Jack, a innocent sweet character.
It was fun making these little Monsters. A Monster waiting to be adopted. He's full of charm, funny and absolutely cute.

Meet Helena Button!

I love this little girl who happens to be Poe's Sister. She's lovely!! Love her sweet colorful outfit.
She a very curious little girl full of wonder and adventure.

Meet Poe Button!

This colorful little guy brings wonder and joy to my life. He has a sister who you will soon meet.
The big sister! She's absolutely delightful. Looking at these little monsters brings a smile to my face.

Meet Dale in Mi Barrio- My neighborhood

done mix media- in charcoal, gouache, gesso, letter stamp, kraft paper on wood block
Feeling goofy with paint!

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

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