Friday, December 15, 2017

My new art pieces

Done in graphite pencil and acrylic and gold paint on watercolor paper 9 x 12

The second piece in graphite pencil and color pencils on watercolor paper
 9 x 12

These lovely pieces are in my Etsy shop!

Friday, October 27, 2017

My inner child speaks to me on a daily bases with love

She's not far
The piece is about your inner child being very close by and all you need to do is call to her
done in mix media collage and acylic on mix media paper 11 x 14
This lovely special piece is in my Etsy shop!
I'm so in love with this piece!!!

New Abstract pieces!

The perfect dress
done in mix media collage and acrylic on mix media paper 9 x 12

The red swing
done in mix media collage and acrylic on mix media paper 9 x 12
Its been a while I know! Im here and Im happy to be giving myself quality time to post new works on paper.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

News on my new Class!

The workshop will begin tomorrow!!!! Enjoy The video Demonstration in my facebook and Vimeo
The video demonstration will be posted in my blog -
The class will begin Wednesday 29, 2017 at 5pm!

News on the new Class!

Light in the shadows ( portraits)
Class $65

About the class:
The class is about working with neutral colors with glimpses of red blue and yellow. The purpose of this method is to learn to use earth tones to capture the mystery behind the neutral colors (light and shadow) And while you be learning to use watercolor by adding light layers over layers you will be also learning to use the method to create mist and fog to your pieces. The class will have 4 videos and 4 portraits. As shown in my previous posts of two pieces emphasizes fantasy and story. We will be working in steps/stages in layers and composition and negative shapes. We will be playing with a variation of 4 different materials koi watercolor, watercolor pen brushes, Stabilo color pens, HB graphite pencil and cold press 140lb and 200 watercolor paper and brush # 10, 2 , 4 These are the supplies that you will need.
Now if for some reason you don't have these supplies
You can get folk art acrylic paints and diluted in water to get a watercolor affect and they come in beautiful colors. You don't need to buy stabilo pens.If you already have color pens that's fine.
For Artists or anyone who wants to take and learn light in the shadows workshop please take note.
Before we begin our first assignment video in watercolor and other materials. Those who may be interested in taking the class I first want you to start off with creating rough sketches about what you want to paint as shown here. The reason for this is very important, is to get you started and prepared . It is of great importance to first sketch out your piece. If you need to draw from a photo or if you have an image in mind sketch it. A photo with good dark and light shadows. Giving you a head start! This is to help you with the placement of your shadows and the light. Keep in my mind your composition as well as negative shapes. For some of you who may not understand what negative shapes are. It is the space around and between the subject of your image. Be playful be mysterious get involve in your piece add a story that you can identify with. Allow your emotions to take form in your piece and simply have fun with it. Note that in this class your challenge is to be consistent patient free flowing and dedication and most of, is freedom to have fun and explore. I will speak to you later. Now if you have any questions don't hesitate. Good Day❤

List of Supplies

cold press 140/200 watercolor paper
Artists loft watercolor pen brushes
Stabilo color pens or if you have any other colorful pens its fine!
color pencils
Brushes 10 , 2 , 3 , 5
graphite HB pencil

Video 1
Moon woman

light in the shadows Video 1 Moon Woman from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Video 2
Moss woman

Moss woman Lights in the shadows video 2 from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

The Horse Whisperer Video 3
Graphite pencil with a touch of color

The horse Whisperer video 3 lights in the shadows workshop from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Peaceful night
Video 4
Goodbye Ladies!
Happy you joined the class! Now go and have some fun!!!
New workshop coming so stay tuned.

Lights in the shadows workshop Peaceful night video 4 from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

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