Doodle fun circle videos!

Video 2

Now that we have our lovely character full of quirkiness. Lets now doodle her body by creating a playful posture. Then simplify your character with funky artsy clothing.  All in pencil! When I do this I think about how I want to be dressed and where my adventure will be. I think about going to India looking at beautiful fabrics and watching monkeys go by. So I dress her up in all these beautiful colors of India holding a beautiful monkey representing strength and courage.Color will be for the fourth video!

click play twice!

On Video part 3 I will teach how to combine colors and to have fun using bold strokes. The important thing is to loosen up and not be afraid to use colors. Is about being fearless and the freedom to enjoy the process of using color.
Be wild, explore, be calm with no worries. Allow yourself to simply relax and not expect. It's about letting yourself go!
Let your imagination run free!

Video 4!

Morning Everyone!
It's October 1, 2012
My apologies for the delay on the 4th video

When I shot the video my hands were in a lot of pain. In the video you will hear me repeating myself quite often, sorry for that! Went to clinic and was told by my Doctor that I have tendonitis cause by many years of repetitive hand movements including my feet.

The video was too much of a big file and had trouble loading on a few tries. My husband came to the rescue and helped but he repeated the presentation of the video as you will see in the beginning, Ooops for that!

Hope you enjoy it!
Thank you for your patience!.  


  1. Thanks so much Magaly!
    I love how your pencil fluidly slides on the page..Love your doodely do ;-)
    What a sweet pair!!!


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