Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No more sorrow

This piece is done in gouache, gesso, charcoal, kraft paper on wood block
protected by fixative

I adore her. Just finished her today. No more sorrow the piece is called.  Life has a way in making things right but it is up to you to trust that it will and have the strength and the power of faith guide you.

Had troubled with the computer. The computer and I weren't getting along. My morning started beautifully but towards the afternoon I got grumpy and overwhelmed making phone calls to set an appointment for surgery. I'm a bit scared. Never had surgery before. The nurse wasn't pleasant, not kind or helpful.l She was a bit condescending which I couldn't understand why. She was suppose to refer me to an GYN ONCOLOGIST specialist but found out he did not accept my kind of insurance. I felt drained by the end of the day making calls to find a Doctor who can provide me with the care I need. I felt I was given the run around. She said as she read my medical chart " No big deal " My Doctor said it is urgent that I see a specialist to take care of it right away. And told me I should speak to the woman at the desk about getting the right one but she was rude busy trying to go for her lunch break. Enough of this venting. I needed to express myself. 

Check out my mini itsy bitsy blocks!!

All my mini blocks are done in gouache, gesso, pencil, Kraft paper on Spanish cedar wood block 
size 2x2 protected by fixative
This one in particular is mounted on another piece of cedar block.
Mini blocks on Etsy shop!!
Take a look!
They're absolutely fun! 

My cute mini block

2x2- in gouache gesso pencil kraft paper on Spanish cedar wood block

Mini itsy bitsy blocks!

                   Done in gouache, gesso, pencil, kraft paper on mini Spanish cedar wood block

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