Saturday, October 3, 2009

A whimsy walk!!

A whimsy walk!

First, let me say, Good Morning!! I have great news, yep colorful news I want to share with all of you. I been so busy with moving boxes, loading boxes, cleaning, going to the vet, running errands, shipping and making time to do the art. And while I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get things done in the past two weeks some ideas come swirling in my mind. Usually my ideas come when I'm driving, taking a walk, playing with my cat, reading in bed and cooking. During those two weeks a friend asked if I can paint her shoes for a wedding she was going to attend. I said, that would be cool!!I'm wondering hmmmm what should I do with these shoes? So the driving around, running errands an idea came into mind, COLLAGE! THAT'S IT, COLLAGE! Then I thought, would it work? I felt like a scientist trying to come up with the right solution before he announces his product to the world. I want to do it right, so I tried it. I started designing collaging her shoes using Mod Podge and elmers glue which works if not better for a reasonable price. And when it dries you get this clear translucent water proof coating. Well, I was done! I let it sit over night. The next day I was excited!! Well before I handed in to her, I wanted to try them on. Decided to use them all day. I had questions like would it tear? Would it hold? A good way to find out was to wear them. And so I found out. When I came back home the shoes did tear from the sides. But like all artists and scientists we try not to give up. We use other methods that would finally work. I did some research. And found what I was looking for. I ordered a A strong polymer gloss varnish rubbed effect and a Matt polymer both water resistant and non scuff. Fill of anticipation waiting for my order to arrive which took 5 days to get here. I was excited and hoping it would work and so happily it did!! I wore them again after having them sit over night completely dry. And yes the collage did not crack. I was so happy happy!! I took a whimsy walk to Great Barrington in Mass and was complimented by the shoes I made. Some asked where I got my shoes? Oooh you can't get them no where cause the shoes are hand made, that is the collage part. I was commissioned to do boots. Thrilled about the shoes I made, I came up with another idea!! A whimsy walk on Etsy shop.

Can't afford designer shoes! Take a whimsy walk on my Etsy shop. Do you have shoes, boots even purse and bags. I can handmade your shoes with beautiful colors collage paint writing stamping anything you want!! That's right! Why wear shoes everyone wears when you can have your shoes hand painted, collage, mix media done by me. Take a unique whimsy walk on the colorful wild side!!

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