Monday, September 10, 2012

My Doodle fun circle workshop! Students work!

Hello Everyone!

I'm so happy my students are having fun! I love love each of my students work. I can see how they are loosening up and enjoying sketching out their characters. They're so talented and all are developing their own unique style at their own pace. I have four more students left. Once I get there sketches due today I will post them here! Can't wait to see them!

 Student Shelly!

Love love her characters for their fun expressive humor!
I can see these sweet characters carry on a awesome story about each other!

Student Emily
Free form workshop
Whimsy fun colors and poetic!!!!
Loveeeeeeeeeee the character!
Emily has a great sense of color and design!

Student Mariette
Love the lovely oddness of all her characters. Uniquely hers! I love how they all express awesome imperfections! love that so much about these pieces!

Student  Linda
I enjoy the characters shapes and curious expression. I'm loving their eyes!
Their eyes tell me their expecting change. Love them for their powerful message they convey.
Love love!!!!

Student  Diane 
Super duper wackiness!!!! Adorably cute! I love them for that. They make me smile!
Can't wait to see them in full form on the next video 2

Student Carolyn
Her characters are so playful and I adore their quirkiness!
Her pieces are charming and I can't wait to see them in color!!!!

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