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Free form Video

 A demonstration about free form. Its about your ideas and images, forming them into lines and shapes. I will show you how that's done on Video. You will be given a password. I ask that you do not share it with anyone. Thank you.  In my video, I will have you begin by holding your graphite pencil comfortably. It helps you take control of your pencil allowing your hands and fingers to relax and work freely through out your page. If you want a border around your image add masking tape to your corners to create the border you want. Im leaving that up to you. With or without a border is fine.

 In my video you will learn to hold the pencil drawing your lines and shapes without lifting your hands. Remember there are no mistakes. Mistakes are beautiful ! Continue to practice. If you find yourself lifting the pencil, it's okay. 

If you feel you need more practice, watch the video. During this first week you will have two line work drawings. Keep them!

You will choose from the two drawings that call out to you the most. The line drawing you choose will be the piece you will be working with in a free style approach. Free Style is about visually refining your doodles and scribbles, bring them to life. You have until Friday, February 10th to finish refining your piece. If you wish to watch the video again, watch the video!

You will work with free flow. Get your supplies ready and lets have fun.
Your supplies - fixative, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and gesso - ready. 

Now you will use your colors to make the elements of drawings interact, welcoming each color in the drawing openly. There will be some drawings that will represent dark moods and that is great. It doesn't have to be whimsical like mine. All I want for you is to express yourself and be open to what comes. If you wish to add poetry, wonderful! You have creative freedom. Collage is not in this workshop. I'm only teaching free form art. We will be working on collage in the March work shop. You have until Friday February 17th to complete your piece. Send your piece as an email attachment to on Saturday February 18 for review. With your permission, I would love to post them February 20th Monday morning at The Itsy Bitsy Spill BlogSpot and facebook.

We will be learning three things in this class: 

Free form, Free Flow and free style

Free form: Is about forming your own ideas into lines and shapes. Making your art into your own unique style.
A signature defining your expression.
An art ownership defining who you are in your art.

Free flow: A free flow interaction of colors complimenting and welcoming each other creating beautiful personal imagery.

Free Style: Visually refining your doodles and scribbles coming to life.

Remember, this class is not about perfection, rules and all the other stuff that stops you from creating freely.

This class isn't about technique that will define your piece of art.
It will be about spontaneous fun, open, close and personal. It's unconventional. A path to your art discovery.

You will be given an assignment: Creating a 6 page booklet from your 20 x 30 cold press sheet. Don't worry, there will be a tutorial on how to make the booklet easy and simple. More on this assignment on Sunday.

So please have your supplies ready on Wednesday Feb 1, 2012
For those who may be confused about which gesso to buy, buy white gesso, not clear gesso. More information about Video before class begins.

Morning Everyone!
Class of free form is almost near!
Exciting! I'm excited, are you excited? I sure hope so!
I have so much to share and teach you.
In this class, there won't be any rules, just pure fun.
What I expect from you is, your supplies ready and to spontaneously explore and express yourself freely in this class. You will be surprise what you will be accomplishing by the end of the day. 

Now here I have a set of art goodies I expect in my class. 
For those who already have these supplies at home, dismiss the list.
But for others who may not have what's on the list, please have them!

- Pad Bienfang - watercolor paper 9 x 12

 Price - $5.99 0r $8.00

but if you already have other watercolor paper, is fine but must be cold press 140lb 

-  Stonehedge cold press paper or Fabriano watercolor paper -  two sheets 20 x 30 for booklet we will be creating.

 Price - $3.98 or $4.00

- Watercolor Brushes - round Royal size 8 , Royal size 5 , Royal size 10 

- Fixative is a plus! It keeps your work from smudging  when you begin working with paint. 

Price-  $7.99

Medium Gesso a must! Gesso is great and it's my favorite medium for what I do and for what we will be doing in class.

 Price - $5.00 or $7.00 in Walmart or Micheal's Art Craft store.

- Pencils Graphite -  koh-1- noor hardtmuth progresso 8911/6B and Charcoal conte pencil france 3B

- Watercolor paints - Germany Fine Tec is pretty pricey 
 Folk Art acrylic paints  use like watercolor. 
Choose any colors you want. Not expensive and the paints are great!
 Price - $1.00 0r $1.99

In this class -   Art will not obey the usual rules for creating a piece.
                               Art will not conform to conventional rules of composition. 
                                             Art in this class will not be created according to a standard style on        convention but your own unique style. 

We will be learning about- Free Form, Free Style, Free Flow.

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