Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A great way to travel is having a travel art mug of coffee!!!

Travel mug 6.5 inches tall

A poet's Journey

Done in ink on multimedia 140lb cold press

Hello Everyone! As you can see I been so busy. So excited to receive a box full of travel mugs. I created 5 and there is more where they came from. Now in New York City everybody drinks coffee and tons of it. One thing that I don't like is having coffee spill all over me. It's also nice to make roasted coffee at home and take with you. It also saves you money. These beautiful Travel mugs make great gifts. Now my printer is not being friendly with me and it's new. I miss it and soon I will get it back. Im selling the originals in your coffee travel mugs. Hot yummy roasted coffee on the go especially on a cold day or you can even have hot tea.

 A poet's Journey

 The Birdie and the Cat

Beauty in Wisdom

 The way forward is to fly

True friends tell each other the truth

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