Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trust the path

Hello Everyone! I feel better today actually real good! You know sometimes you get those grey moments. But here I am my cheery self, back on the groove yah! The necklace I'm wearing is from a designer named Hagar from Israel. She is fantastic! She is a textile designer who turns her beautiful fabric into jewelry and 
earrings. I will be receiving a pair of lovely earrings in the mail.You can see more of  her lovely work on Etsy!

 Long summer evening- Reused materials, One-of-a-Kind, fiber necklace, eco friendly  Folding Me Softly-Two in one-Origami Fiber Necklace-Spring 2010- Eco Friendly-Magali  Folding Me Softly- Two in One-Origami Fiber Necklace-Spring 2010-Wakeing Forest-Eco Friendly-One of a kind  Full Moon- Reused silk Necktie Necklace- One-of-a-Kind-Beauty,eco friendly

Gilgulim By Hagar Arnon Elbaz
You may also visit 
For some reason I can't seem to get her etsy link site here, hmmmm!

 Also I will be receiving something else I been expecting but can't say yet. I will wait until it gets here and I will share it with all of you beautiful creative women. 
This piece below I just finished and it's done in brown ink. I love working in ink!
I call this piece below
Trust your path my child!
and you shall survive. Ponder happily through a fruitful journey without fear. I'm fond of cats, owls and birds. I don't consider myself being just one animal but three in one. I find each of these creatures strong brave magical and fearless. And so yes, I am strong and though I might have moments when I'm blue I should never forget how to live. To live openly with my wings wide open. To receive the beauty around me and to create the art I so much love and to share it with you.

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