Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lovely Pendants!

It's the weekend, Saturday and it 's going to be a hot one today and possibly some rain. I am in the mood for some rain. Well this morning I decided I was going to get coffee and a blueberry scone at the cafe down the road. They make the best corn muffins and scones. 
I also went to see if I can find the girls who work there to pose my necklaces for me but not today. They are off. Then I saw a friend and she was happy to be my model for a few minutes.
The pendants came out beautiful and she bought two! She loved them and I was so happy.
The pendant she is wearing is made out of different pieces of fabric and paper, canvas fabric, decorative fabric, handmade paper, Jute webbing, and other wonderful scraps I keep and never throw away. I am happy how my pendants turned out and making them was a lot of fun. Inspired by Paper Cloth Scissors I came with this cool idea using both cloth and paper. I thought, how cool is this, I think I might just have to keep one for myself ay! 
I will be making fabric pendants of different sizes and color. This piece in particular measures exactly 18 inches long which falls nicely around your neck just below your collar bone. The size of piece itself measures 1 1/2inches wide and 2inches long. The hoop is made out of strong hemp measuring -  length is,  18inches long with end caps, silver parrot clasp and a beautiful colorful ribbon charm.
I call this piece

Colorful music notes

For some reason the pendant looks  like music notes to me.
It's lovely

Pendant # 2
I call it
Poetry writing in the garden
The pendant measures 18 inches long which falls nicely around your neck just below your collar bone. The piece  11/2inches wide and 11/2 inches long.
Another beautiful piece!

Now Pendant #3
Art patterns in my heart
Measuring 19 inches long,  Pendant piece 11/2inches wide and 2inches long

Another beauty- Pendant #4
looking out into the ocean
I love this one too!
It reminds me when I was in Cape Cod last summer at the beach. It was windy I remember. I sat on the sand and looked out into the ocean and meditated. It was so peaceful. This peace reminds me of that day.
The pendant measures 19 inches long. And pendant piece is 11/2inches wide and 2inches long.

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