Monday, February 15, 2010

Doing it the artist's way series

Did you guys have a lovely Valentine's Day? I hope you all did! We stayed in. We went for a long walk in the woods out back and walked and walked. It was lovely!! Then we came back and had a big breakfast. He made breakfast, that was real nice! Then I gave him a handmade card and he gave me flowers. Then he said he had another surprise and took his shirt off. His chest was covered in red marker saying I love you in big bold letters! I laughed and thought how sweet and adorable!!! Then I gave him a big kiss MUA! Then we watched a movie together cuddling and had popcorn and wine. You are all my Valentine's day too, for your lovely comments, support, and inspiration.  I will give you all a big kiss MUa Mua!! 
Doing it the Artist's way!!
I'm going to talk a bit about why I called these pieces Doing it the Artist's way!
It's about artists exploring and spilling!
It's about being completely naked. Seeing the images come into play and enjoying the flow your way without any boundaries, no limits . Doing it your way is the essence, the core, the passion that comes to the surface, the fire spreading across the canvas, you and only you!! Doing it your way is the only way!

This one is at bit bigger 8.5x11 on stonehenge paper done in mix media - collage stitch work, acrylic and  charcoal with stitch border around the image but not not on wood panel 

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