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Hello Class!
Before I begin about your sketches. First, I want to say I'm not going to sugar coat your drawings. And what that means, for each student here you will receive criticism. This will help you grow. It's wonderful to see the process of each of your sketches and artistic development. Some of you might need a bit more practice with line and exploring more . One thing I know for sure is that all of you know how to draw, that's very good!  I can see some of you were having a lot of fun where as some, were having trouble, frustrated and impatient. I explained to one of my students and it applies to all of you - Obvious you all know how to draw, that's good like I said. Now when you are creating art - find your own individual way of creating the art!  Creating your art will reveal who you are, what you like, where you live and how you see the world. If you really are a unique individual - and initiate rather than follow - your choices will create a portfolio which won't ever look like it belongs to anybody else.  Very important! That's what makes the artist special - ART! You will find it! Keep creating by allowing your heart,  your imagination explore your own world. Tap into it. The intention of the first video was to loosen you up. You can draw like I said. There is no problem there. Now  simply step back and look at your pieces. Set It aside. Take another sheet of paper, let it sit there on your table. Relax and close your eyes. Allow your thoughts to just pass by and imagine a world that is simply yours. What do you see? What do you feel, Who's in it? Only you can allow anyone to come into your playground. Be open about it without any doubts or fears. These are challenges that you might find difficult but once you get there creatively. You will be refresh and a whole new you will begin to flourish artistically. When I said have fun really have fun!!!! 
So go for it!

Free Form and Free Style
You have a great sense of composition and imagination as well as design.

Sophie De Cort
 Free Form

Sophie I love love your whimsy approach and composition but I want to see you in it.
Give me more of that. Take me into a story and have fun about your story telling and images.
I want you to play some more! I Need substance!

Free Form and Free Style
Jan I love your sense of wackiness. There is a whimsy fun celebration about your girls.
The first sketches are a bit stiff. But your second sketches I see you loosened up, not rigid as the first two. The last sketches are more relax playful and happy. Give me better composition. You are the light of the party here. 

Free form and free style

Theanne, I see a unique style developing. I see you been taping into your child within.
You were pretty ambitious about starting the sketches in color, I saw! And the sketches were very nice. That will be posted later. New sketches of watercolor I will need. Love your playfulness. You tap into it naturally.  Love the motivation! 

Laura Mchugh
New Jersey
free form and free style
Laura, Fun, fun, fun your sketches! But I love to see and feel more of that fun into developing your style a little bit more. It takes practice and you will. You have a whimsy sense of design.
I'd love to see that in your booklet!

Laura Mchugh
Free Form
Laura not much I can say about this piece. It bothers me! I see no liveliness in their faces.
Doesn't stimulate me. Work with play. I need more imagination play and connection.
You are too detached. Not much substance. You know how to draw! Now give your time to really tap into yourself a little more. You are too stiff, a bit conservative. I want no fear!
Fearless my dear! Try Again! I believe you can!

Free Form and Free Style
I can see you were having trouble with being playful
A bit stuck! But I love your motivation to grow artistically.
The last sketch is beautiful, why, you are developing your own style.
The piece is spiritual, symbolic and lovely. Keep going!

Dody Clark
Free Form and Free Style
Dody, I see you love horses. Love love the playfulness of your line work!
Give me better composition. Love how you turned the two horses into one line.
Second sketch is whimsy and pretty quirky. Love to see more of that.

Dennis O'Neil
Free Form
Dennis not bad. Want to see more sketches. I want to see you getting more involved, more having fun!
  Loosen up a bit. One sketch isn't enough for me!
Trees and Composition is nice!


  1. Wow! These are ALL fantastic! jan

  2. Happy Sunday Magaly, George, Brook and Sammy (did I remember sweet kitties name right?)!

    When I was taking art in high school 50 plus years dear art teacher Mr. Newcomer...told me I WAS PAINTING TO TIGHT! He was so right I was very rigid, very perfectionist, very well if I made a tiny mistake throw the painting, drawing whatever out. And now life has happened love has happened joy has happened pain has happened death has happened...and the color still calls me the pencil on the paper the watercolors seeping into the white of the paper call me will always call me. And Magaly happened to guide me into my best years of feeling the we said back in the dark ages "letting it all hang out"...all that is the passionate colorful me...connecting with the paper! I LOVE IT! Listen to Magaly and playing the piano...drawing sketching making black marks on white paper respond well to practice...let the flow happen between you mind and your fingers and the pencil as it touches the paper. HAVE FUN!

    There is one thing Magaly dear that you would notice if you could see ALL of my recent drawings paintings on real life paper or those created in my Kindle Fire and my computer...when there is a person in the drawing or painting there is only one....there might be birds or dogs or horses but only one human (99% of the time)...I know the reason why of course I AM ALONE...since Don died there is me no one else...this does not make me unhappy...I am not lonely and being alone is a wonderful thing when one can sail away on their imagination and create...I must not force myself to put more than one human in the drawing or painting until I feel it...maybe I will maybe I won't ;-)


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