Saturday, March 24, 2018

My new Oracle cards Workshop!

My new workshop is here yeahhhh!

Siren in waves under water and other Art free flowing styles in...
The Oracle art Workshop!

The course will begin on Tuesday March 27, 2018 Yay!
The workshop $65

I always wanted to create an Oracle deck of my own artwork. And I thought, Wow!, that would be a fun workshop. At first, I thought Tarot cards would be fun. But then, I felt more drawn towards the Oracle deck. I love the concept of the Oracle being free flowing and better yet!, there isn't a set number for the cards. You can create as many or less with your deck. It could be 15 to 20 cards. Tarots cards on the other hand are very different, there are about 27 or more to the deck. Now about the cards, yes there is a difference between the two. The tarot is based on storytelling, divination and more. Whereas the Oracle is based on wisdom, guidance, meditation, poetry and Art. Anything you want! You can create your deck of cards based on your own vision. A vision of whimsy. Your cards can be about - children, girl power, fairies, mermaids, your spirit animal and more! What's meaningful and fun for you? Give me your voice, your imagination, your fun and your playfulness.

The cards can be for yourself - personal or public

Oracle cards Examples: Water
Water symbolizes for me peace, life and cleansing
Using Fantasy!
I can design my card creating a mermaid
Another example : Dance
Dance symbolizes expression of freedom, joy. letting go and art form of movement. To engage yourself in the art to perform and embrace. I'd love to create the dance card which for me dancing is about embracing the spirit self

I will draw a woman goddess dancing in a swirl of colors and a small poem to go with it written in the back of the card,
Poem - Dance to the Rhythm of waves and be happiness
It can be as simple as shapes. An example - The Sun or Rain Your approach to your design can be whimsical. The sun can have a face beaming rays of colors or simply creating rain drops in watercolor. In the back of the card, you can create a splash of colorful abstract shapes or other elements. Its up to you you. Use your creative freedom to express your design. Have fun with it.
Women are all about intuition and beauty and why not share your magic treasures creating your set of beautiful cards. You can write a lovely poem about the moon, and that will be your moon card with your own vision with mystery and fantasy. Another idea to keep in mind, once you are happy with your cards You can get them printed into any size you want size with sharp corner edges or round corner edges.
A reproduction of your original work of art into an oracle deck. How cool is that! It will be such a wonderful experience!
Bring out your magic, your whimsy, your inner child and transform them into beautiful pictures creating oracle deck cards.
The Theme/ Concept

You can choose any theme you desire
What kind of deck you wish to create?
Your images can be playful and fun fun!

Your cards can be about - about children, girl power, fairies, mermaids, your spirit animal and more! What's important to you? Give me your voice, your imagination.
The cards can be for yourself - personal or public
For example : Moon goddess/sisterhood
I'd love to create the crown moon goddess which for me means beauty, strength, wisdom and intuition. Now, how can I create that? I will sketch a woman in the water and only her chest will be exposed. It's night and her hands are up in the air as if putting on a hat but it will be a crown with the moon above it and foggy backdrop.

There will be 4 videos for this course!
There is no time limit. Go at your own pace.
The cards will be 3.5 x 5

Each video will be about how to create/design each card differently using the watercolor and other mix media goodies.

Video 1 - Creating a mermaid! I would love for you ladies to begin sketching your mermaid in your sketch pad. You will use that sketch for the final step( Transfer) Once you are happy with your sketch. You will then trace the outline of your mermaid using a mechanical pencil. If you have a light box perfect and if not tracing paper will do just fine. Transfer your shapes of your sketch to your watercolor paper cold press 140lb. Do not drawing in her features yet. That will be for last.

Video 2 - Draw a sketch of a mermaid and the moon. Be very creative and enjoy the process. For this video we go directly into watercolor paper. No tracing involve! I will teach you how to draw in the body of a mermaid in shape form only

Video 3 - The art whimsy free flowing Oracle card - in wax china marker, watercolor and colorpencils. In this video I will show you how to design with edginess and quirkiness.

Video 4 - Fun elements Oracle card - of shapes, symbols, plants and more in watercolor and colorpencils.

Supplies you will need for the course

watercolor paper cold press 140lb
I recommend a watercolor pad 9 x 12
A sketch book
watercolor tubes or cakes
watercolor brushes
Mechanical pencil
Color pencils
wax china pencil
Tracing paper or better, a light box if you have one

Please read!

Video 1 of the mermaid I'm editing!
This video of the queen will be video 1!
More video This Thursday 29, 2018 at 6pm

Siren in waves under water and art free flowing styles Oracle cards video 1 from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Whimsical Oracle card 3 Video 3

Whimsical Oracle card 3 Video 3 from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

The dance Oracle card 4 Video 4

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Poem By Magaly Ohika
Painting in watercolor and ink on Indian watercolor paper 7 x 8

I new demonstration video on the new course today March 13, 2018
Sirens in waves under water Workshop
Stay tuned!

I see my light
but, it's away from me
distant in a fury
burning and angry
It's trying to make it's way towards me
but the wind blows against it
Come, I'm calling to you
can't live without you envelope me in your brilliance
into my heart that rest with me
I do deserve you
promise I won't deceive you
I won't betray you with words, I'm not enough
I'm crying a million tears
I'm trying, oh how I'm trying
My wounds are carved in deep
drowning a slow death
Hanging on to my last breath
Black intoxicating the internal flow of life
But wait, wait!
I see it, I feel it
My heart flutters
My light that defines my magic
I have buckets of colors to paint you in one single stroke
Ah Ah, I smile ever so happy
I feel warm
I feel alive
Light you made your way back to me, here, is where you belong
I will never, never again, be Afraid

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