Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting all Jazzy Jazz with my groovy Doodles!

Hello there! It's a very hot sticky night. I need some cool breeze coming in. 
It's been like this all week. Keeping myself cool drinking a virgin cranberry mojito. You guys should try it sometime with lots of mint and limes, it's really yummy. 
Now that I have cooled down a bit. Here I have for you beautiful doodles.
Groovy Doodle Fun Series!
They're fun and jazzy jazz!
These lovely doodles are done in graphite, watercolor, ink and Zig writers markers on multimedia 140cold press paper 5.5 x 7

As for my surgery,  it will take place on April 20th and to tell you the truth, it frightens me just a bit!

Have a lovely night my lovely art friends.

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