The Light House Workshop!

Welcome to the Light House Workshop!

You are the magic the inner light creating images that evokes beauty, love and all that symbolizes your strengths, your courage, your inner  voice and the playfulness and rawness of you.  You will begin by using a variation of fun tools such as ink, pen and watercolor to create your image. Now as you begin to set your space with all your fun materials, you will first take some time before you begin by sitting in a quiet space in your art studio, Breathing exercises Yes! It will help you to relax allowing your being to feel and flow calmly and peacefully. Is like a quiet meditation. Now take the time to Inhale 5 times breath in counting 1 2 3 4 5 and exhale  out  1 2 3 4  5 and do this five times before you begin. But if you want to start off first by breathing in 1 2 3 hold  and then out 1 2 3 and go up to 5 that's fine!  You can set the mood by playing your music. Make sure there are no outside distractions that may prohibit you to enjoy your time creating( A very important note to take in mind) This is your time to bring out your magic! Be enlighten, be in tune with your inner child, channel your emotions your feelings  ,bring your inner light source and penetrate it to your paper. 
Now video 1 - Before you begin, make sure you have in mind what you want to do but if you want to begin by diving right in by all means do it and kick some ass and boogie! Set your table  with your materials and sketch out your first image remember tune in and close your eyes and just watch images come together come to life on paper. Quiet your mind and let your body relax, any tension you may feel trapped in the body let go and feel like you are water. 
Now the first video I will show you .... will be about creating Shapes and composition Marks in liquitex inks and micron pigma ink pens  or if you don't have liquitex and you have other inks, will work just as fine. Start off by diluting your inks in water to begin a clear wash then once is dry lay over another layer of paint. Also you can do the wet on wet colors to see the colors bleed in together forming amazing shapes. 
Video 1 
Bring out your Magic

Video 2
The light house - The beauty of minimalism 

The second Video will be creating in a minimalist style using Pigma Micron 005, 2, 3
and Liquitex or Bamboo inks and  watercolor if you dont have inks - will work just fine.
If you don't have aged handmade rag paper, you can you use watercolor paper cold press 140lb and use black tea to make your paper  have that aged look to it.  Two bags of black tea or one in hot water and use your tea bag and drip it on your paper let it sit on your paper and then when let it air dry. Experiment! Don't soak your paper too much just enough to give it that beautiful look. Do the corners as well. Now cut your paper by using a ruler to tear your sheet of watercolor paper. 

For this video play with your subject matter using symbols, nature, animals, anything that speaks to you. Play with it on a separate sheet of paper keep it simple!  Once you have drawn your image trace it and then transfer it to your final watercolor paper lightly in pencil. You can now begin using your pens and then the colors of your choice 1 or two colors very minimalist! If you have a light Table Great!!!

Video 3
The girl with the flowers

 Creating art in a minimalist style, creating various forms of symbolic imagery and design as well as touches of color. The art story of minimalism with the concept of peace healing and nature! For Video 3 I use 4 colors of ink and then I apply micron pen to create the images leaving some blank spaces to simplifying the piece, and focusing on the subject of the painting.
This last video will begin by adding images in color first and the pen!

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