Thursday, March 29, 2012

Always Doodle fun!

A day at home having coffee and doing what I love, paint. Nothing else, yesssssss!

A walk with a good friend
This piece is done in watercolor, acrylic, graphite on multimedia 140lb cold press paper size of piece is 24 x 11.5

Doodle fun colorful messes
These beautiful pieces is done watercolor and graphite on multimedia 140 cold press paper
8 x 11.5

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girls just want to have fun, painting!

Girls just want to have fun, painting!

 done in acrylic, gouache, gesso, graphite on 12 x 18 paper
 Happy little messes workshop is listed on Etsy.
 I have one student. Come and join us and lets have some funnnnnn!
 At the end of my workshop, students will get an original piece from me.

Blow Bubbles in the sky
Here is a sketch soon to be painting Called Bubbles in the sky
tomorrow. Size 12 x 18

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News on Happy Little messes Workshop

   Little Darwin 3years old

   Darwin and Momma Rachel
   Accordion book

Happy Little Messes Workshop

Girls Off with your shoes. Sit back, relax. There is paper waiting on the table for you to spill and splat, with a group of girls you can have fun and chat. You can paint in poetry with creatures that come out and play. There will be beautiful oops and lovely stains. You can paint small or you can paint big. You can tear paper and rummage through photos you dig. You can layer them on canvas or paper into a collage and paste them in a decoupage. And dunk your brush dip dip, dip dip and let your paint drip drip, drip drip.  A little drip of paint here and a drip of paint there with happy colorful messes everywhere. And with every spill, there’s magic to treasure and see. It’s an adventure. It’s a journey of wonder and glee. But when you feel sad and spill turned into mud.  Don’t worry, take time away and dip your tea bag in your mug, simply relax and be calm.  Making pretty mistakes is okay. Feel what you paint. Paint what you see. By the end of the day, you will feel happy and free.

The workshop is about your creative energy in any form.  You will create happy messes that speak on their own.

Watching my friend Rachel’s little girl Darwin painting was very fun for me to watch.  It is so beautiful to see her learn, grow and be free with her happy little messes.  Every oops and little splashes of paint covered her hands and arms. Running calling her daddy Jay with excitement so he can come see the beautiful paintings she’s done.  And then went on her way to creating more pictures without worry but just pure fun. 

I want you to explore yourself into your happy messes with playfulness and worry not about the mistakes you might find. Bring out the child within, take a leap into that sweet discovery we call innocence and treasure the moment.

In this class I will have you create in mix media - acrylic, collage, pastels, watercolor and charcoal on paper.

You can paint small or big, it will be your choice.  It’s about exploring with excitement. You have full freedom in this class to fully be yourselves.

Note - The workshop will begin on Sunday April first until the end of April.

Video - I will have a video about happy messes you can follow and explore them on your own on Sunday April 1.2012

Supplies - Paper, watercolor paper, gesso, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, graphite, conte pencil
 It’s okay if you don’t have some of these supplies. 

 Make happy little messes with what you have. 

Workshop listing on Etsy -  starting today March 2o.2012 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Messes!

 These beautiful painting are all available on Etsy!

And I have news for my next workshop called Happy Messes
I will be teaching a class about happy messes in mix media acrylic graphite watercolor and pastels on paper. 
Hope you can join me in this fun class. 
More about the class On Wednesday 21.2012

Enjoy the new paintings and thank you all for your lovely comments!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Student's beautiful final piece!

Laura Mc Hugh from NJ
Thank you Laura
It was lovely to have you join the workshop!

My students final assignment!
Each student handed me their beautiful piece of art. And deserves to be posted here for all of you to see, how talented and motivated they all are. I'm proud to know that each one of them are growing as artists. As you will see each piece are very different from each other, tapping into their own unique style. It was fun for me to see how they all let themselves go allowing them to grow and be free. Some had a difficult time but mistakes are also beautiful. Mistakes is what makes you grow. Each artists must allow room to make mistakes and watch how mistakes in a piece art develops into something beautiful and special. And you begin to understand yourself. Is about being open with what comes and facing little frustrations which allows you to see in a whole new fresh perspective. Some had a hard time working in a large scale. I know this too well. It was hard for me at first. It is a challenge working this big 20 x 30. To create the big picture is intimidating and exciting at the same time. Once you continue to expand yourself in this size, you will have room for your spirit to flow in a whimsy way. Each student will receive an original piece from me shipped today Monday!!!!

Here is Bobbi's work!
Love her sense of playfulness. She tapped into herself and develop her own unique way with color being wild and free.
These pieces are wonderful!!!
Love love!

Here is Jan's beautiful piece!
It's fun whimsy fill with playfulness. Her characters are quirky and colors are beautiful!

Theanne has a natural way of telling stories with her illustrations.
Makes me want to dive into her whimsy world. There is so much beauty and innocence in her pieces. Love it!!!

Laura from California
There is something so homey, soft, pure  about her paintings which calms me.
Is like taking the time to just enjoy the moment. 
loveeee it!

 Laura from NJ
It's wonderful to see the artist's process. I love how her figures are laid out on her paper. You can also see the motivation and playfulness in her pieces.  Such a whimsy treat to see the artist have fun.
I love this piece!

Dody is known for her outings in the country, capturing the beauty  of  nature. Her landscapes, her animals and her horses.
Love how she uses her purple and yellow for the piece below.
Wonderful pieces!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is always about loveeeeeeeeeee!

Night in Paris feeling young and free

drink red wine, sweet journey is such a treat for me. 
Night in Paris feeling free. A kiss from the moon above, welcomes me in it's sweet poetry.
Night in Paris oooh I'm in love, in love with life such a beautiful, harmony. 

Matted in White Matt board 8 x 10
painting 5 x 7 

Class of free form hope you are all enjoying your last assignment and I can't wait to see them this Friday March 9. 2012

The Opera
Matted in White Matt board 8 x 10
painting 5 x 7

Dazzle me in color and stitch on canvas.

acrylic stitch on canvas

Matted in White Matt board 8 x 10
painting 5 x 7

Happiness ooohhh when I smile, fill with joy

with no worries or frowns. Happiness in my heart not only for 

me, but for you tooooooo!
Matted in White Matt board 8 x 10
painting 5 x 7

Is about love, on a Sunday afternoon.

Sweet bliss, of sunshine. I'm sing the blues

Come hold me tight on this lovely afternoon.

Is about love from the the honey that rest in my heart. Ohhhh 

I'm singing to you, ohhhh boy it's all about the blueeeeeees.

Matted in White Matt board 8 x 10
painting 5 x 7

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