The Oodle Doodle Fun Circle Workshop Videos

The Oodle doodle fun circle video 1 from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Video 1 - Doodle fun circle!

If you have a 11 x 14 drawing pad or 12 x 18 great! Gesso works great with regular 

drawing paper. Make sure your paper is not thin. Some drawing paper tend to be thin.

I did suggest to get stonehedge or a multimedia paper 20 x 30 coldpress 140lb. 

If you have any questions I'd will be happy to help. I will be posting later some character 

drawing here for you to look at and enjoy!

The Oodle Doodle Fun Circle will begin September 3

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In this class you will learn about relaxation.  You will learn to expand yourselves freely 

through the process of Doodling. Creatively, Doodling is a wonderful way to help you in 

your Artist’s Block.  It loosens the tension and creates a positive energy flow.

Doodles express fun whimsy twirly and squiggly lines introducing all sorts of exciting quirkiness and wackiness. So when doodles connect in that way, a story connects as well and playful colors adds to the fun

Doodling is a natural skill. Do you remember when we were once kids and it was fun. When we were introduced to paper, we automatically created scribbles and doodles. We expressed ourselves in that way without trouble. It is a skill we were born with. All kids are Artists! Our minds were free of fear, self - criticism and Judgement. We had no trouble drawing and no trouble expressing.
Not only Doodling creates freedom of expression but it also creates tranquility that calms the mind. It’s a wonderful way to channel emotions more positively. And the best thing yet, you can add a whole variety of beautiful colors to your doodles. Doodles are wonderful because when you let yourself go suddenly there is a story. 

All the information about videos will be posted here in my blog called the itsy bitsy spill under online workshop colorful doodle fun. 
To remind you all, I will send an email on the 2 of September about  password to watch video! The videos will be available to you at all times if you feel you need to go back to practice. Once you have password you can always go and watch after class is over as well. 
Password for video on the 2 of September 

Supplies for class : Stonehedge Cold press paper 140lb 20 x 30,  Acrylic, charcoal and fixative coat protection

Students will receive by end of the class an original piece in color by the Instructor Magaly Ohika

Four videos weekly

Class ends September 30

Video 1  September 3 

I will teach you to create whimsy doodle characters starting first with pencil. We will begin by creating fun faces. The little Doodle Divas must have attitude.  And attitude is expressing emotions.  Is all about bringing her to life. Give her character and story.  During the first week want you all to practice on your characters.  Begin sketching! And by the end of the first week Friday September 7  I want to see your doodle characters. Don't worry, I will be with you all the way in the first video about the character. Email them to me on Sunday September 8. I will post them on Monday September 10 on my blog and facebook

Video 2  Sunday September 9

Now that we have our lovely character full of quirkiness. Lets now doodle her body by creating a playful posture. Then simplify your character with funky artsy clothing.  All in pencil! When I do this I think about how I want to be dressed and where my adventure will be. I think about going to India looking at beautiful fabrics and watching monkeys go by. So I dress her up in all these beautiful colors of India holding a beautiful monkey representing strength and courage.Color will be for the fourth video! The second week beginning September 10 till September 13 you will all have fun accessorizing your character and adding her clothing. Think about what she represents to you! Email me your piece or pieces Saturday September 14 to

Video 3 Sunday September 16

I will show you how adding a scenery to her backdrop makes a fun doodle difference. Our character wants to spiritually feel free and playful in the most beautiful way by doodling in cats, birds, houses, the ocean, flowers, lovely creatures sneaking out of trees, having tea,  talking to her friends or even have  fairies flying . Anything your heart and soul desires. follow your heart!  This week enjoy adding your story to your piece by creating your playful doodles for your character. What is your character enjoying? Add those beautiful joys to your piece! You have a week till  September 21 Email me your piece. 

Video 4  Sunday September 23

I will teach you about adding color to your piece in a loose calming way. Once the piece is done in color, I will then show you how to add charcoal to give the image depth.  You have a week to finish your final piece. Email your pieces on Sunday 30

Your pieces will be posted in my blog and facebook!



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