Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Color along the way

Color along the way Workshop

Have you ever wanted to take a huge canvas and dive right into it without thinking? Sounds like a good place to start! I mean, to really spill yourself like liquid, to be vulnerable fearless without the thought of manipulating or controlling where colors should go. But To intuitively go with it . A wonderful freedom to expose yourself that way, is liberating if you ask me. This class will be about that. You and only you and your personal adventure with your colors.

I like to think of abstract as something completely personal. An independent visual internal language .

Color along the way workshop is about a color journal of your subconscious mind your dream. So who says that abstract doesn't mean anything. Is a pathway to another world. A pathway to endless beauty.

This workshop will begin in November 1 till the 30th
Will be listed as of tonight
Class is $55.00
bristol brushes
mix media paper 12 x 18 0r 9 x12

A season of nature treasure findings 

20 x 30 done in watercolor and acrylic on arches watercolor paper it has a border around the image for framing.

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