Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My whimsy day doodling!

The happy sunshine club
Your doodle whimsy clutch
All on etsy!

Let's dress up for Halloween!

Your Doodle Whimsy Clutch

 Ladies going to the tea room

Doodle whimsy coin purses!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dreaming in color workshop!

Dreaming in Color Workshop

This piece is one of my favorite pieces. In this piece it reveals my own story. Playful and fun. What's your fun story?

The cost for the class is $45

We will be creating with acrylic paints, color pencils and pastels.

 The class will begin October 17, 2012.

 It’s a four week class with four videos ending November 7. 2012. 

Come join us in this fun workshop called Dreaming in Color! 

 By the end of the class Students will receive a piece from me only if they participate

doing assignments and sharing their work as a class and joining in the fun.

The class is about creating beautiful colorful conversations between you and your piece. Through color, we will be unfolding images representing your visual interaction between you and what you love. You will begin with an open mind to create your fun or personal story. 

We will be creating Two pieces. 

In video 1 - We will focus on composition. I will give some guidelines you can follow while tapping into your creativity to let your story unfold. You may use Canvas or 20x30 cold press papers. I will do a demonstration starting with black gesso and adding images with white pencil. 

Video 2 - I will demonstrate using collage and color to give the piece an elaboration of rich detail. 

In video 3 - We will use color pencils and pastel to give contrast and depth. 

In video 4 - We will explore how with creative painting, images can unveil hidden insights based on life experiences, dreams or memories. Open yourself to the joy and clarity that you can begin to experience using the creative process. We will be adding to your story with black charcoal or graphite.

You will have a choice to either use words to help express your story, or allow the painting to speak for itself. 

You have a choice between Paper cold press 140lb 20 x 30 or canvas. Medium size is preferred for canvas. You can cut paper in half with ruler or Exacto Knife.

Pick your panel you feel comfortable working with but make sure your panel is a good enough size. No small panels please! A size you are able to feel free adding your colors.

*Materials you will need*

Paints: Acrylic- Golden paints/ Folk Paints 

Masonite board or card board cheaper!
Masking tape

Old Rag

Old pencils

Collage paper or any old scraps

Mod podge or Elmer’s glue works just the same, just dilute with water Cheaper!

Black Gesso or white gesso at Wal-Mart Cheaper!

Palette Cheaper! 

Spray varnish or fixative

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Allow the colors embrace you with love and acceptance!

Embrace yourself by facing yourself
I began by adding colorful strokes to my paper. Abstract shapes soon started to develop into two women. One a child, the other an adult facing each other. A moment for both of them to forgive and embrace! 

The bird symbolizes freedom and beauty

Done in acrylic and charcoal pencil sprayed with fixative to protect it from smudging
on paper 12 x 18

Monday, September 17, 2012

To all the lovely women taking this class love love your pieces! Keep creating. We are on for the next step COLOR!!!!!


These pieces are wonderful! This one is a fun and strong piece!
love them all!!!  Can't wait to see them in color. 

These pieces are filled with love whimsy sweetness. Love the composition on this piece and the one below this one. 

Have you by any chance been to France?
Well well you should! You would love the art and romance there.
Your pieces have that strong french style. You have such a unique style!
Romantico and very charming!

Girl I must tell you you need to go to a rock concert and have some fun!!!! This piece delivers such a strong message. Love it for that! You want something and you want it now! Love the setting of your piece, very cool indeed and whimsically fun!
Love to see this one in color!!!
Great job!

An exploration of combining new colors and imagery!

The very thought of you inspired by Nat King Cole

Piece done in acrylic on paper 12 x 18 with border around the image

The beautiful people
Piece done in acrylic on paper 9 x 12 with border around the image

A sweet conversation with color
Piece done in acrylic on paper  9 x 12

Diving in fearless
Piece done in acrylic on paper 9 x 12 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

live your colorful dream!

Living my dream in bold colorful strokes!
Love this piece!
Living the dream, to do what make you happy is exactly what this painting represents!
Color your dream with big bold beautiful strokes and smile smile!!!
On etsy!

Living my dream with bold art strokes

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Doodle fun circle workshop! Students work!

Hello Everyone!

I'm so happy my students are having fun! I love love each of my students work. I can see how they are loosening up and enjoying sketching out their characters. They're so talented and all are developing their own unique style at their own pace. I have four more students left. Once I get there sketches due today I will post them here! Can't wait to see them!

 Student Shelly!

Love love her characters for their fun expressive humor!
I can see these sweet characters carry on a awesome story about each other!

Student Emily
Free form workshop
Whimsy fun colors and poetic!!!!
Loveeeeeeeeeee the character!
Emily has a great sense of color and design!

Student Mariette
Love the lovely oddness of all her characters. Uniquely hers! I love how they all express awesome imperfections! love that so much about these pieces!

Student  Linda
I enjoy the characters shapes and curious expression. I'm loving their eyes!
Their eyes tell me their expecting change. Love them for their powerful message they convey.
Love love!!!!

Student  Diane 
Super duper wackiness!!!! Adorably cute! I love them for that. They make me smile!
Can't wait to see them in full form on the next video 2

Student Carolyn
Her characters are so playful and I adore their quirkiness!
Her pieces are charming and I can't wait to see them in color!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A great day creating doodles faces!!!

 Having fun with my Doodles today!
I'm so happy about my doole fun circle workshop. So excited to see my students have fun. Can't wait to see there sketches!!!

Here I did three pages of sketches drawing only faces in pencil!

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