Friday, June 14, 2013

Art + Life = Happiness!

A lovely colorful departure from life Pouches

Soon to be sewn into lovely pouches!

Some people have their theories about what abstract means to them. Some say it doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t move them or simply, there is nothing there to see or feel .That it’s just a blob or splatter of paint on canvas.  Abstract is not for everybody and that’s cool. But before you rip it apart, just think colors is a stream human expression come to the surface.  It is a beautiful visual independence of form, shape and composition and most all a spiritual freedom to let go and lose yourself, it is a wonderful journey to venture through color landscapes.

The thing is art can be whatever you want it to be.  Art is an expression. Art in any form can make your life rich with joy. Is the reason I wake up in the morning knowing I’m about to make art. Why? It makes me happy.  If you look around you everything is art. Life is art! Just imagine life without art, Crazy right! Life without art, we will all go bonkers, mad. Art keeps us sane. It makes people happy.  It makes us well rounded human beings. I mean really, with all the chaos we see on daily news, life needs more art.

Art + Life = Happiness!

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