Friday, April 30, 2010

on the wild side

On the wild side!

This piece is done in ink and acrylic on arches 300 watercolor paper love the texture on the watercolor paper. I treated myself yesterday for a piece of Arches!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Sacred beauty of being

The Sacred beauty of being 
The true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is sacred and never should be broken

This piece is done in pen and brown Higgins ink on Vincent Rossini Traditional handmade 140lb watercolor paper 8x10

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trust the path

Hello Everyone! I feel better today actually real good! You know sometimes you get those grey moments. But here I am my cheery self, back on the groove yah! The necklace I'm wearing is from a designer named Hagar from Israel. She is fantastic! She is a textile designer who turns her beautiful fabric into jewelry and 
earrings. I will be receiving a pair of lovely earrings in the mail.You can see more of  her lovely work on Etsy!

 Long summer evening- Reused materials, One-of-a-Kind, fiber necklace, eco friendly  Folding Me Softly-Two in one-Origami Fiber Necklace-Spring 2010- Eco Friendly-Magali  Folding Me Softly- Two in One-Origami Fiber Necklace-Spring 2010-Wakeing Forest-Eco Friendly-One of a kind  Full Moon- Reused silk Necktie Necklace- One-of-a-Kind-Beauty,eco friendly

Gilgulim By Hagar Arnon Elbaz
You may also visit 
For some reason I can't seem to get her etsy link site here, hmmmm!

 Also I will be receiving something else I been expecting but can't say yet. I will wait until it gets here and I will share it with all of you beautiful creative women. 
This piece below I just finished and it's done in brown ink. I love working in ink!
I call this piece below
Trust your path my child!
and you shall survive. Ponder happily through a fruitful journey without fear. I'm fond of cats, owls and birds. I don't consider myself being just one animal but three in one. I find each of these creatures strong brave magical and fearless. And so yes, I am strong and though I might have moments when I'm blue I should never forget how to live. To live openly with my wings wide open. To receive the beauty around me and to create the art I so much love and to share it with you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ink paintings

Monday and the sun slightly peeking it's way through the clouds and I have a smile on my face. I been waiting for the sun for a while. I need sunlight! I been quite blue these past few days with two many questions swimming in my head. Asking myself what am I doing wrong? When really,  I should be asking MYSELF what can I do better when it comes to my life as an artist. So I'm trying not to get so sad about it. I want to cry but I won't, I want to scream but I won't and want to curl up like a child but I won't either. I need to have faith be strong for me. And continue what I'm doing creating. Life isn't all that bad, it can be complicated but pretty much is simple. So I must take one day at a time and continue to paint and work harder. Anyways, I don't want to bore you death, so Here I painted another piece in brown ink.
Trust myself and have faith

Another piece
 Don't be afraid to fly my child

Monday, April 26, 2010


Beautifully naked I call this one
Done in ink on 140lb watercolor paper

More ink paintings!

A dream!
Hello! More lovely ink paintings I finished today. 
These past few days I been feeling so tired and lazy. I even feel guilty!
I think it has to do with the day being so grey. And even though I feel lazy as hell can't seem to stay away from painting. I just love it! I was in the mood to do small pieces in ink and it felt so peaceful to sit out in the rain. These are done in pen and brown ink on 140lb cold press watercolor paper sewn on canvas 5x6

The seductress!

These are my babies! I wanted to share with you. It was such a beautiful photo of them relaxing on top of George.

Here is another photo Sammy and Brook staring at me wondering, what the hell is this woman doing! Can you see we are trying to sleep here, hehehehehehehe!
So adorable my kids!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A nice day!

Sunday and it's raining! Yesterday was beautiful and so is today. I'm home creating some sketches.
I created a book out of canvas with watercolor paper sewn in and I did two paintings with brown ink. I have not done this in a while. I sat on the porch drinking coffee and started to paint. 
I been home all weekend and did stepped out for a drive. It's relaxing to sit back and hear the rain trickle. 
Well, the weekend is almost over, back to a long week, have lots to do and hopefully I can finish. Hope you guys had a nice weekend. See you this week!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheer cheer to friendship and creativity

Cheer Cheer to Friendship and Creativity!!!
I love this pouch!
The nature of friends requires a blend of love, true, laughter and compassion
Good Morning!
What a weekend, rain rain. Hopefully today we get some sunshine. I miss the sun!
How was your weekend? Did you all have fun creating cool goodies. I stayed in most of the time and took time on Saturday to go for a walk with my hubby and his family in the field. My puppy who is absolutely fearless jumped in the pond and swamp across like a champ. It was so beautiful to see how much fun she enjoys swimming and running. I just love watching her. She could not stop running, by the time she got home she climbed on the couch and went to sleep. And I, made a mean breakfast, I was so hungry. 
Then I started to doodling away some ideas on paper and created another pouch actually two but I will show you one for now. 
It's Monday a start of a brand new day to do fun things!! And I think the sun is peeking after all.
Enjoy and a big kiss for you all

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finding her way

It's Friday again Wow! this week flew on by and it will be Saturday already. And rain rain rain weather report says we suppose to get rain all weekend yikes! I was expecting lots of sunshine but hey, we need rain.
My ankle is achy today it has been achy now  for the past four days. Other then having my ankle bother me I'm doing great, how about you? Here I want to share another pouch in progress. The painting is done and it turned out beautiful. It will be into a pouch by tonight and post on Etsy tomorrow.

It is done again in acrylic and charcoal on canvas fabric size 15x17
It is called 
Finding her way with the help of new friends

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sister of liberty

Another pouchie I made this morning! Isn't it lovely! I love deep red and deep bright orange.
It is done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas fabric size 12x6 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall
I call it 
Sister of liberty!
Mother nature mother nature, sister who celebrates freedom!
And so we dance and join her in this celebration everyday of our life. Be grateful, be kind, be loving, be happy, be true, be passionate, love and enjoy every minute of it. Freedom is knowing that we have all these wonderful gifts that makes us who we are.

I added cute colorful flowers and a red wine bottle as a symbol to celebrating life

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello Everyone!

This is another pouchy I created yesterday and is slightly bigger and whimsically colorful.
Done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas fabric and brown zipper. Size 11x11 11inches tall and 11inches wide
I really love enjoy making the lovely pouchies and for mother's day I will send my mother one and surprise her. 
I call this piece
Girls out on the town
 It seems I been gone for weeks. Any who, hello everyone! I'm back with more colorful goodies. It's been a busy week. Not only am I making 30 pouchies and paintings, I'm also curating an exhibit in the end of May. I wish you all could come an join me! I will be promoting the exhibit on facebook with directons on how to get here in case you guys decide to take the trip here. There will be 10 artists exhibiting their works from northwest CT, including myself at the Covered Bridge Gallery in West Cornwall. I exhibited two pieces last Saturday at the RE. Institute Gallery in Millerton with 20 other fabulous artists who exhibited their works there as well. It was beautiful! I can't believe I did not take pictures. I realized once I was 6 miles away from home, dam! Well, next time I'll make sure I take pictures for the May exhibit which will be called The ritual art show. We will have wine, music and a art pot lock, yum!

This piece is called
Free spirit!
 Done in the same medium acrylic and charcoal on canvas measuring 10x10
with blue zipper. I love colorful zippers, it adds more fun to the colorful pouch.
I'm learning to be more creative with my pouchies I have a few ideas in mind I want to add. That will be later!! I thought a night clutch with snaps, cute!!!!!!

Being your whimsical self having fun and life seems so much better when you don't take it so seriously. Too much chaos can shrink the little heart, too much worry can clutter your brain cells. So live a little free like everything else. When I look at my dog who is 9months old watching her play, be loved, eat, sleep and run run run like a crazy dog chasing after butterflies, I think how special how beautiful to see a creature who is so totally happy. And all she wants is to be loved and to be free. As for us, we just need to breathe and listen to the heart beat and smile! All the things I hear on the news which by the way is depressing. I stay away from the chaos and dive myself into what makes me smile and happy. I don't like TV! 

Soon to be pouchy here I wanted to show you how it's first created

I lay down my piece of canvas and start penciling in my image and then paint it's so much fun I tell you. Then once that is done, I have all the other piece ready to be sewn in. I need another sewing machine though. My machine has quite of a temper. She's old but works very well. Some she gets into a thread jam and it drives me nuts thank god it's not all the time. I might just keep her she is not that bad. I actually like the sewing machine. Why spend money yeah!
These series of Alice in wonderland was so much fun!! And all five were sold to a friend who commissioned me to do these into pouchies. A lot of work but was fun fun!! All original paintings on canvas with straps.

I just finished this painting this morning
Haiti rising!
Dedicated this piece for the children of Haiti!
done in acrylic and charcoal on bogus brown paper acid free,  great for dry mix media and acrylics.
I have not used this paper in a long time and decided once I was at the art store to buy it again. I love this paper. Great to work with!

Friday, April 9, 2010

More lovely paintings!

This is a piece done in acrylic and charcoal on Canson cold press watercolor paper 12x16
Enjoying life through art!

It's almost the weekend already! It's Friday! It is raining out here to day gloomy but I like it!
I do hope this weekend is sunny full of brilliance. I have so many fun things to do. I really want to go on a road trip listening to music having a blast. Watching the scenery as we drive by. Stopping at places we never been doodling in cafes and having a big breakfast. Meeting new people, stopping by galleries and parks. Taking pictures writing in my journal and then keep driving where I don't know but to keep driving. Routine can get real boring. Life is about learning and exploring new things. Don't get me wrong, I'm learning all the time when it comes to art but it is healthy to get out your comfort zone. There is a need for adventure and excitement. San Francisco seems like a place to go. But that would take probably a week how exciting is that. Do you ever feel without thinking about it, to just get in the car and drive as far as you can spontaneously? No worries about nothing and taking your paints and paper with you.
It's been a while since we taken a vacation. My hubby and I work a lot and realized it is time to have fun no worries about anything but pure fun. 

This piece is done with micron 05 #1 archival ink
The bird catcher
I love this piece! I have not worked on ink pieces for a while and I simply love love doing it. It gives me such great peaceful fun pleasure!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A sunshine day smile for you!!

A bird's joy across the sky, is freedom to go as she please

These lemon head candy are sure killing my teeth right about now. Sometimes I get these cravings for sweets. I have a  sweet tooth. Especially for white German chocolate. When I'm working and scratching my head I take some potato chips and just munch on doodling ideas down on paper. I know junk food is bad but I do it sometimes. It gets bad when the red queen appears every month. Yes I call it the red queen the one that makes me suffer for 5 days and then I'm back to normal yesssssssss! The things woman have to go through, my god! Anywho, changing the subject for now, here I painted three 7x7 in acrylic color pencil and pencil on Canson cold press watercolor paper mounted on wood panel. These three including the one I posted I think yesterday belongs with this set. Each have their own character and wonder about them which I simply adore. That's it folks! Enjoy! and I shall be back with more goodies and probably candy stories, HA!

And land in the colors of the day

And sing and sing!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Hello again everyone! 
Summer is here. This weekend was absolutely beautiful!! Loved it. I took some time out to hang out with friends and had Cuban summer Mojitos. I did sketched some ideas. I can't help myself. Ideas just keep coming and if I don't sketch them down I would never get them back.
Today I created another pouchy but larger. I wanted to add straps but that did not work very well but for my next one for sure!!! It is a beautiful pouchy or bag without straps. It is done in acrylic on canvas fabric and added this thick brown fabric to give it that earthy look. I can't believe I forgot the name of that fabric darn! 
Size of bag 14 x15  14inches tall and 15inches wide.
This pouch is called

May we fly with you!

The piece below is done on Canson cold press watercolor paper mounted on wood panel done in acrylic and charcoal size 7x7

It is called
She was born to fly!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Shower of Cards pouch

It's Friday!!
And it's suppose to be real sunny and so beautiful.
I really would love to go on a road trip going to Montreal. I heard is really beautiful out there. I really need a Vacation. Hmminmm, I think I might just plan for that sometime later.

Hello Everyone! Here's another Alice in Wonderland pouch called The Shower Of Cards.
I love love love!! It is done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas and added a red sheer fabric for the back part of the pouch. For the lining I sewed in a thick cushiony cream color cotton fabric and green zipper. I also attached a cute little Alice silver chair to green zipper to make it easy to pull and open.  Size of pouch is 10x13 - 10 inches tall and 13 inches wide great for adding in supplies. It is big enough to even add in a journal, a  paint set to travel or your way to a coffee spot where you can sit in the sun and write or doodle your ideas outside.  I carry my own pouch everywhere I go, never leave home without it. Ideas come to mind all the time and I love to be prepared to add them down on my paper.

I want you all to have a lovely beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
Sending you a sunshine day smile!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More lovely paintings!

Hi Everyone!!
Today I finished two pieces I adore very much!
These are done in acrylic and charcoal on Canson cold press watercolor paper 12x16
I call this piece
Enjoying the moment!
Gush it's almost the weekend, time is flying real fast.
The older you get the faster it goes. When I was kid I was in a hurry to be an adult. Well I tell you when ever I hear a kid say that they can't wait to grow up and live life like an adult - I always say enjoy your childhood.
Don't be in a hurry, enjoy every minute of it. Then again sometimes it can be hard to be a kid sometimes. It seems that way when your young.The way kids are living these days is scary. I mean you have teenagers growing up so fast, it's not even funny! My little cousins  are growing so fast that two have kids already. I can't believe it! My god! When I was a kid my mother was so strict on me it pretty much annoyed me. But I understand why now. My brother who has a daughter told me he now understands why my mother was worried about him coming home late when he was a teenager. You want to protect your child from things that might hurt them. You become like a lion ready to roar if anyone hurts you. He's a bit over protective which I feel can be a bit saffocating which can be damaging as well because after a while the kid rebells. I don't have kids but when I do have kids, I think the best thing is not to over protect them but to trust love communicate understand them  about things that are important, about making the right choices. Sometimes we make bad decisions and we fall dead on our faces. Sometimes that is how we learn, sometimes it hurts too much. Sometimes we just have to let them go and have them make their own choices even when it pains you. We cannot control but what we can do is love trust and let them be on their way. One of the most beautiful things I was taught by my mom is being able to express my troubles worries happiness my tears with her and no she will never judge but listen and love me.  

This is one is called 
Getting ready to Swing Dance

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