Thursday, April 1, 2010

More lovely paintings!

Hi Everyone!!
Today I finished two pieces I adore very much!
These are done in acrylic and charcoal on Canson cold press watercolor paper 12x16
I call this piece
Enjoying the moment!
Gush it's almost the weekend, time is flying real fast.
The older you get the faster it goes. When I was kid I was in a hurry to be an adult. Well I tell you when ever I hear a kid say that they can't wait to grow up and live life like an adult - I always say enjoy your childhood.
Don't be in a hurry, enjoy every minute of it. Then again sometimes it can be hard to be a kid sometimes. It seems that way when your young.The way kids are living these days is scary. I mean you have teenagers growing up so fast, it's not even funny! My little cousins  are growing so fast that two have kids already. I can't believe it! My god! When I was a kid my mother was so strict on me it pretty much annoyed me. But I understand why now. My brother who has a daughter told me he now understands why my mother was worried about him coming home late when he was a teenager. You want to protect your child from things that might hurt them. You become like a lion ready to roar if anyone hurts you. He's a bit over protective which I feel can be a bit saffocating which can be damaging as well because after a while the kid rebells. I don't have kids but when I do have kids, I think the best thing is not to over protect them but to trust love communicate understand them  about things that are important, about making the right choices. Sometimes we make bad decisions and we fall dead on our faces. Sometimes that is how we learn, sometimes it hurts too much. Sometimes we just have to let them go and have them make their own choices even when it pains you. We cannot control but what we can do is love trust and let them be on their way. One of the most beautiful things I was taught by my mom is being able to express my troubles worries happiness my tears with her and no she will never judge but listen and love me.  

This is one is called 
Getting ready to Swing Dance

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