Tuesday, May 6, 2008

About Art....

Art has no rules, we artists know that. The beauty of art is expressing yourself in every level. Is a whirlpool of emotions carried into visual landscapes of dreams and reality. So take a naked canvas and spill your soul into it and have fun! Our best piece is when we discover a whole different world inside ourselves and share it to the world to see. Whether we are angry, sad or happy. It's therapeutic to Smudge the over load of stuff we feel thrown into the canvas. Beauty comes when we can see it straight in the face and accept all and conquer the next. We let go and learn to believe in our ability to create beautiful things no matter how painful some might be. Well, that's all folks!

Hello Everyone, to all you lovely people!

All you need is love love, love is all you need. Love everything and watch what happens!


Done in watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.

Visual landscapes of dreams and reality!

All three pieces done in mix media on wood boxes.

Meow Meow!

It's sweet to be blissfully happy! Me "heart" You

Full Of Play, Wonder and embracing beauty!

Done in watercolor and ink


Arms up high, it's a beautiful day and I'm loving it! One of the things I love about kids is how they genuinely express themselves innocently about everything. I'm sort of like that!

Voice your feelings!

Voice, speak out loud! Never be afraid to speak your mind. I love this piece! Mix Media and collage on wood.

Cat queen of hearts

The Queen carries the heart of love. This piece is done in mix media and collage.

The Doses of love!

My next show coming up on May 15th is called "The Doses Of Love." As you can see here, she is taking her daily pill which looks like a heart--her dose of love. Let me explain further: I was inspired by the changes occurring in my life now, about the inner child in me, about relationships with love ones, my relationship with life, family and my boyfriend who is my best friend. Every day I'm learning to live life beautifully without taking it too seriously--that we all have a choice to create our own destiny. So my daily dose is to see life with love and acceptance and to leave out all the little critters that tend to overshadow the light but embrace it fearlessly.

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