Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Little Canvas workshop

The Little Canvas Workshop
The workshop will begin September 2 , 2013 on Monday till Saturday  28, 2013
Class - $55
The workshop will be given in my blog – The itsy bitsy spill
When you purchase class on Etsy  you will be given a secret password.
Welcome to The Little Canvas workshop. The workshop will be about a series of fun techniques allowing you to experiment and have fun. We will all be creating small collage canvases in mix media. Small Wood panels are welcome as well as card board for this class.
Before I go into more detail about the class, first there is a list of supplies you will need.
Canvas 6 x 6 and Wood panels 6 x 6
Matte Mod Podge or Elmers glue – Elmers glue can be diluted in water. It works perfectly and is inexpensive.
Vintage stamps, scraps, maps, d├ęcor paper, dried flowers, stencils, Jars, small branches, candy wrappers, tissue paper, old letters , newspaper,  thread and fabric
Take out Your favorite Brushes
Acrylics, Color pencils, oil pastels or crayons, charcoal, acrylic clear varnish and gesso
You don’t have to use all that is on the list. Use what you have and I’m sure with the findings that you do have you will do beautiful work. The important thing here is for you to have fun exploring.
The workshop will begin in a series of fun techniques that will keep your fingers dancing and your soul inspired.
The goal is to experiment with creative stages in these series of canvases you will be creating.
The first week -  I will teach you how to use special handmade paper as a technique you can use to bring out layers, texture adding glue and water. You can use newspaper or tissue paper. Now once paper is dry and hardened I will show you how to apply your acrylics with a dry old brush to bring out texture.
The second week - we will create contemporary art collage using paper and fabric and paint
The third week - we will create - Urban Wall Art, such as candy wraps, torn magazines, beautiful quotes that you lov, poems, paint  and markers.
The fourth week - Art on your terms - We will create our own unexpected treasures with our findings and other goodies on canvas. Be Creative and expressive

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