New Class - The Art Symphony workshop

Lets make art!Your Art Symphony workshop

By Magaly Ohika

Attention: Very Important that you read! 
Today video 1 and video 1 part two is posted and you will go directly to

Now video 2 will be on the 15th of January 
Video 3 January 17th
Video 4 January 19th  

The first video has two parts. Is important to practice before we go further into the class. 
Buy 12 x 18 newsprint pad at your local Art store and charcoal. You will begin for the week practicing video 1 and part two.  Any questions! You can contact me here. And love to see the process of your work and final pieces!

Welcome, happy you are here! A lot of reading, but it is worth the read.
You are all the art conductors of your imagination. Let's all visualize for a moment. Leave your baggage of self judgement and those little annoying thoughts that say you can't.
Remember this is your art symphony, and we all must conduct with vigor and passion.
Allow your art self seize the moment with much playfulness as if you were a child again in your castle creating free flowing pictures.

Your studio is your theater, your stage, a place where anything is possible. I want you to hold a charcoal pencil or a knitting needle ( practice) like a wand. Yes your magic wand!
Begin positioning your hands upward in the air in front of you moving your hands slowly up and down and in different directions. Visualize your images with your eyes closed or open. Either way is fine. This exercise is just to relax you. See your images forming. You can do this sitting down or standing up. Which ever is comfortable for you.

Slowly tune everything out and simply relax enjoy the movements of your hands. You may play soft relaxing music if you like or you can create your own in mind.
Take your Newsprint pad and set it on the table or up on a board looking straight at it. Begin drawing your lines to loosen your stiff hands. The exercise above is to prepare your hands to be flexible while you start creating. Make a genle weep with your charcoal creating thin and thick lines as well as bold and sharp strokes. See the beauty in each stroke you make. You may now begin scribbling scratching into your paper. This is your first assignment video 1 part 1

Continuation for video one part 2

Take your newsprint or your hot press watercolor paper 22 x 30 and begin creating your characters. Invite them all in. You are all assigned to play with your characters. Each have their own story. You may choose to do one or two or several if you wish. Expose they're beauty.No thinking is aloud, thinking can be an intrusive companion to your creative process. I want you all to see and feel with an open heart. Bring your hidden passion to the surface. Allowing it to run through your veins in through your finger tips. Once you are done go outside and add fixative to your piece, set it aside. You are the art maker of your symphony. Get deliciously involve in it!
Video 2 
Take your 22 x 30 hot press watercolor and fold it in half and tear it gently at the beginning end of the sheet with a ruler. 
I will teach you to combine charcoal and ink wash, together it creates such beautiful contrast.We will do two portraits and two full figures in this medium with a touch of red.
Video 3 
We will be working with yellow ochra diluting it with water to give our piece a wash. We will be Creating a shadow and then using a dark graphite pencil to outline her features and clothing. And a touch of Caran D' ache crayons to the piece.
Video 4 
We will be creating a 4 page accordion book size will be 11 x 12 . Now you will be using many fun tools in creating your characters. Each will be representing their daily delights. In each of these pages, symbols or anything that you enjoy will be added, to simply words like -
I am here in silence of the night listening to the wind taping against the wind chimes of my bedroom window. I am here still, calm, drinking hot sweet honey tea to warm my peaceful heart. The word can be scattered in different places in the page. 
Materials for this video will be - Caran D' Ache, oil pastels, gesso, charcoal, acrylic chalk and acrylics, color pencils

Materials you will need

12 x 18 Newsprint, 22 x 30 hot press and cold press sheets of 3, Caran D ' Ache, oil pastels, dark charcoal soft grey brown and black, gesso, ink, acrylic, acrylic chalk you can get at Michael's craft store, color pencils

Video 1

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