Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More lovely itsy bitsy spill art pouch and more tomorrow!

Done in acrylic charcoal protected with fixative and mod podge on canvas fabric
the lining is done with decorative fabric and zipper. This is a more of a longer art pouch. You can add supplies like pencils or what ever you like to store inside. I thought of making a much larger piece, I want to see what it looks like bigger. I will be making itsy bitsy spill bags soon but for now here is one of my new pieces.
The size of pouchy is 5x10


I want to share what I been doing today but first it was a morning of cleaning house. My doctor said I should take it easy when it comes to doing things around the house, no heavy lifting, no going up or down  the stairs, no sweeping or mopping the floors and absolutely no driving! Well, I.m stubborn! That's exactly what I did this morning. I couldn't bare it. It needed to be done + it makes me feel so much better to have a tidy home.
I don't like mess. I'm very organize. Well, I try to be.  I love my home organized and nice. I work better when everything around is in it's place. It looks good in here!! 

Once I was done, I took a small break and ate a whole big pickle and an everything bagel with cream cheese yum and sat on the couch for a little while. Then I started to get an itch. I can't be sitting around twirling my fingers. I started creating more pouchies. I just love them so much! I created three and four more are waiting but I think I'll do that tomorrow. So here is one of them the rest tomorrow morning. You know after sitting so long loading up your pictures you get this back ache. Yep that's what happen. So tomorrow is another day! I absolutely need a massage for sure. Dam I feel like an old hag and I'm only 38yrs old. 

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