Friday, January 13, 2012

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Registration Art intro: An artful Journey to discovery. A workshop learning free flow and free form art. 15 students for this class. You have till Sunday January 15th by midnight to pay. Hi, my name is Magaly Ohika and this is the introduction to my online free form art class. I am the creator of the Itsy Bitsy Spil here on Etsy. A great Market place for artists who are passionate about art and handmade goods. I decided to do this class because I enjoy inspiring others to do what I do, which is getting in touch with your playfulness and creativity through art. The class is about what I call '' Free - Form " art. The goal of form art is to express yourself freely paper without restrictions. NOW YOU MIGHT BE THINKING, IF I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, WHY DO I NEED THIS GIRL TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO? What I'm going to do is give you a place to start and just enough structure to lead you in to the process of expressing yourself on paper. And to that I'm going to start with line drawing. Line drawing is sketching on paper with charcoal and graphite. I am going to teach you techniques of drawing with both. That's what we're going to do in week one. You will watch my video and practice throughout the week which will begin in the first week of Feb. I you stuck, watch video again at THE ITSY BITSY SPILL.BLOGSPOT.COM I would like you to send me a photo of what you've done as an email attachment to - itsysmudgeart [!at] before we begin the second week of free flow. You will receive my email regarding your piece once it is sent to me. Note, Each student will send their piece before the second week in Feb. And I will post your lovely pieces in my blog for viewing. I encourage you to pay as early as possible so we have plenty of time to answer questions and solve problems before the class starts. Questions like I don't have a camera!, or what is an email attachment? Registration will close when 15 students have been accepted. CLOSING DATE January 15, 2012. And if the class does not have 15 students closing date again is January 15th. You can go to facebook, My blog and Etsy about class info! Payment about class will be listed on Etsy. I accept Paypal , NO CHECKS ARE ALLOWED! In the following four weeks, you will learn to add color, language and feeling to your art. All the while becoming more comfortable with your own unique creative process. Supplies watercolor paper 9 x 12 0r 11 x 14 pad or multimedia sheets 140lb cold press gesso soft graphite soft charcoal watercolors acrylic watercolor brushes ink

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