Tuesday, June 30, 2009

These Beautiful pen and ink pieces will be listed on ETSY!

pen and ink- 2x7 on indian handmade paper on wood block
"The only way, is forward"

Another pen and ink piece- 2x7 on indian handmade paper on wood block

Dancing in the wind!

Believing in magic and love!

done in pen and ink on handmade Indian paper on wood block


Sending magic and love for all the wonderful artists out there!

loving me lead me to you!

pen and ink on hand made indian paper
mounted on white back drop

The night he proposed!

Hello Everyone!!

I have new work!! The computer has been acting up, not being very kind to me but today she's behaving well. And while she was misbehaving I decided to take a few days off to write and paint my butt off. A lot of the work I've been doing is pen and ink which I also love to do. Now this past weekend I was propose to and a few of my pieces are inspired by the symbol of our love and growing as individuals. I cried like a little girl I tell you. I was emotional! it was sooo beautiful and so special to me. Here's to love!!

This piece I'm about to share with you is called
'' loving me lead me to you"

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