Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A sunshine day smile for you!!

A bird's joy across the sky, is freedom to go as she please

These lemon head candy are sure killing my teeth right about now. Sometimes I get these cravings for sweets. I have a  sweet tooth. Especially for white German chocolate. When I'm working and scratching my head I take some potato chips and just munch on doodling ideas down on paper. I know junk food is bad but I do it sometimes. It gets bad when the red queen appears every month. Yes I call it the red queen the one that makes me suffer for 5 days and then I'm back to normal yesssssssss! The things woman have to go through, my god! Anywho, changing the subject for now, here I painted three 7x7 in acrylic color pencil and pencil on Canson cold press watercolor paper mounted on wood panel. These three including the one I posted I think yesterday belongs with this set. Each have their own character and wonder about them which I simply adore. That's it folks! Enjoy! and I shall be back with more goodies and probably candy stories, HA!

And land in the colors of the day

And sing and sing!

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