Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paint Your Journey

Paint your Journey 

 listing begins on Etsy today February 19 Monday ending March 11. 2012

 Accepting 20 students!

Class will start on March 12 until April 20. 2012

A six week workshop on Paint your Journey!

 I love to offer you the opportunity to use your creative juices to create a book of 12 pages with colorful illustrations based on your own short story. Yes, you will first write a short story. Each of you will write a story about what inspires you. What you have learned and discovered in your life. A story that will remind you and others about the beautiful things in life we endure helping us move forward.

 Is a book of women's confidence. Exploring and empowering yourself overcoming obstacles.  A story that is meaningful to you.  All I want is for you to give your story true voice. Then illustrate your pictures based on your story you written. Don't make it difficult. I'm not saying it will be easy but it it will definitely be a challenge. I will guide you and show you how it's done. Don't panic, this will be fun! Your supplies can be mix media watercolor, acrylic , collage, ink, charcoal, graphite, gesso, anything! Be simple but vividly profound!

 Tutorial info and Videos will be posted on March 11. 2012

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