Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me art and the women here that make my days special.

Magaly Perez Ohika
Sometimes I like to upload a photo of me. So here I am, this is me!
The woman who creates all these beautiful things for all of you to see and enjoy. I have two goodies to show you right here on The itsy bitsy spill. You know it's raining out here today but it's beautiful. It's the type of day where I want to eat Indian food, yes I'm in the mood to go out! To kick back and enjoy the moment. It can get lonely here sometimes. And I tell you why. Why should it feel lonely sometimes? Well I do have my family which is my George and my animals but what I'm talking about is a friend, a really good friend is what I miss around these parts. Someone who you can be yourself with and trust. I have you guys here on bloggy land and it's great!! There is a friend who emails me from Israel and we have a blast. The the thing is we never met but we email each other and speak on the phone once in a while. We just connected and she is an artist. She's like a sister I never had. It feels real nice to be able to talk to someone who's down right real and so down to earth. And I wish she lived near so we can have coffee and chat away and laugh up a storm. I wish all of you lived close by. And have art  work shop day creating drinking tea coffee pastry laughing talking about what we love. But hey I can do that here with you all. You guys are all awesome women smart strong creative warm hearted women who reach out in a inspiring loving way. You guys have all become family to me though we never met. I admire all of you!! Here's to you all with love!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I will show you what I been up to.

I call this bag
A Give love bag!
This is done in decorative fabric - the fabric I used is a sheer olive green and stitched decorate fabric hearts.
Now I want to let you know that the two pieces I added appearing like pockets aren't really pockets. It's a design giving it that trendy and earthy look to the bag. The bag is 8inches tall and 10inches wide.

I call this piece 
Be yourself and free with someone you care and love
Now this piece I did today done in acrylic and charcoal on Canson cold press watercolor paper 12x16

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little red riding hood bag

 Little red riding hood bag
I'm back! As you can see I been addicted creating pouchies and now bags. I created this one this past weekend. Actually two but I thought I would surprise you with one for now. Some of you may wonder when I will be painting other big and small pieces again and that will be soon. Now I have these ideas in making pouchies and adding my images. I was thinking today as I was drinking my coffee sitting by my table looking at everything I've done and I have to say I do miss painting big pieces. But I'm enjoying these beautiful pouchies. And I'm learning a lot on what else I can do and it's a lot of fun. I'm growing as an artist and that's what it's all about - growing! I want to thank you for enjoying them too! You guys inspire me greatly and I appreciate your lovely comments. 

This piece as you can see is not done on canvas but in decorative fabric. Size of bag is 9inches tall and 11inches wide. Also I stitched in some leafs filling them with cotton colorful yarn. I also added a colorful strap with bag and black zipper as well. The red fabric has a sheer shine to it as well as the back which by the way - is green.  It beautiful!! 

Got to go and create some more fun goodies for this week!
Until next time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My cover art on Sargasso and my lovely pouchies!!

Hello everyone!! I have news news!! Today I received in the mail the Sargasso book and my work published  on the cover yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 
I been waiting for it and it's finally here! It took them a while but it is here at last.
For those who are not quite sure what the book is about I will talk about it with you.
Sargasso is a book a peer reviewed journal of literature and culture edited at the University of Puerto Rico.
It publishes critical essays, interviews, book reviews, and some other creative works. Sargasso particularly welcomes material written by/ about the people of the Caribbean region and it's multiple diaspora.
I thank Dan E. Walicek Managing Editor and the Editorial board for including me in  this wonderful book.
In this issue it talks about poetry, Juxtaposition, essays and reviews.

Now that I have shared with you such wonderful excited news. I have more to share with you.
I finished my art pouchies scroll down and take a peek. Absolutely lovely and more to come!

Have a lovely weekend!!

My beautiful art pouchies!!
On Etsy!

I made this pouch for me. I decided I wanted to go in another creative direction by using words of wisdom poetry. This pouch is done on canvas ink with a bamboo calligraphy and used Vinyl plastic over it and zipper.

This one here I decided to keep for me!! I love the colors, different from what I'm doing right now. I used decorative fabric and cut out hearts stitched to my pouch. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A lovely day to go art shopping yesssssssssssss!!

Hello! it's been a really busy week but fun fun for me, then again, it's always fun!!!  
I must go soon but I want to leave with soon to be pouchies and I have severals and they are all on my facebook. I will post them here tomorrow morning but for now I will leave you with two. Both of these pieces  are created in acrylic charcoal on canvas fabric and soon made into a pouch, fun fun part! I will be out and about today going on an art supplies spree, yep! I love going to art stores, I get lost there and I can't get out!
I have another surprise but that will be for tomorrow as well. So much I want to share. I been so busy that is the reason I have not posted early this week. And I want to give thanks for enjoying my work and loving my new pouchies. I heard yesterday that my pouchies are really called clutches not a pouch but I think I'm sticking with pouchies. I like the sound of that! 
Oh and more Alice in wonderland pouchies too!!

Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Off with their heads!

Off with their heads! Alice in Wonderland pouch

I'm just obsessed with The Red Queen - Here's a beautiful pouch of Alice in Wonderland with all the characters. As you can see The Red Queen rules the show yet again. Though she is a naughty naughty woman, again she has wicked charm which indeed thrills me in a whimsical way. Off with their heads she says, Ha! love it!!
The characters themselves are painted in acrylic and charcoal on canvas. The back of the pouch I added a cooool heart against a black fabric. I thought it would be a beautiful symbol for the painting itself.
Also I made the pouch a slight larger 9 inches tall and 13 inches wide great for pencils, a journal book, cell phone, brushes, a brush, money or even a small paint set.
It's almost the weekend and I want you all to have a fun time, whether be strolling through the park with a friend, home in your studio creating wonderful art, hanging out with family and friends or just sitting somewhere quiet taking in the sun and watching how slowly everything is blossoming including yourself. I'm going to a pot lock - that means I have some cooking to do which I love cooking. I might just make hummus and a shrimp salad with avocado and red onions, yum!
So guys, have a gorgeous day!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A lovely day to take a walk and write in the sunshine!

I'm back! Here are my new creations. Done in acrylic charcoal on canvas fabric and lining decorative fabric with colorful zipper. Size is 5 wide and 12 inches long great for pencils color pencils or you can add anything inside except a journal book of course which I'm working on right as we speak. I'm making a bigger pouch! And it's absolutely fun. I creating a pouch with Alice in Wonderland characters and the red queen wins the show. I love her! I love the red queen when she say off with their heads! So hilarious! I thought she was brilliant and she was my first favorite and The Mad Hatter was my second favorite. I love all the characters! Alice I love for her bravery! My Alice in Wonderland pouch delivers a story with wonderful brilliant colors and composition all characters in one setting having a bit of drama.

My first pouch is called 
Going for a nice stroll to the park!

And I will back tomorrow with more goodies!

This one is called
Little bird sings to me!

I love this one!
A beautiful day to drink in the beauty!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm back and it's Friday, yesssssssssssssss!!
I don't think I'm cooking tonight nonono!
Tonight is about relaxing and probably a movie and popcorn! I'm not going in that kitchen no way.
Thank you for your cool comments on my pouchies!
And thank you for stopping by my shop.
I finished a pouch this morning and it's a bit larger
done in acrylic charcoal stitch work on canvas fabric and the inside lining  done in decorative fabric and zipper
great for art supplies!
Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My cute art pouchies!

These are made in acrylic charcoal on canvas fabric and the lining with decorative fabric and colorful zipper protected with fixative and mod podge to give it shine 5x10
I call this piece
A whimsy flight across the sky we go!

Hello I'm back and with more lovely art pouchies!
This morning I received a message a convo on etsy from a client who wants my pouchies and I was so happy and excited! Another email I received from a gallery who wants them as well. Gush sounds real good!
I really love these pouchies and I'm so proud of myself. I must say it took me a while to figure out how to do these but I did it! I'm so inspired! I will be making about 2o of them in all sizes. These will be on Etsy! I been asked to do 10 so I have lots of work to do. 

I love creating love love love art my passion my life. I always wanted to live my life as an artist and here I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. I really don't enjoy working for anyone. Life is about what makes you happy and art makes me a happy woman. This is my job and I enjoy it with all my heart and knowing you guys enjoy it too makes me happy. I want to say as well for those who left comments on my last post... I made the mistake of rejecting it instead of publishing my comments and I was so upset. Can't get them back! I tried but lucked out, Dam! 

I want to thank you lovely woman for leaving me such inspiring comments. You make my days wonderful!

Giving you love and a sweet hug!!!!!!!!

This one is called
Spring is here!
little birdies

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More lovely itsy bitsy spill art pouch and more tomorrow!

Done in acrylic charcoal protected with fixative and mod podge on canvas fabric
the lining is done with decorative fabric and zipper. This is a more of a longer art pouch. You can add supplies like pencils or what ever you like to store inside. I thought of making a much larger piece, I want to see what it looks like bigger. I will be making itsy bitsy spill bags soon but for now here is one of my new pieces.
The size of pouchy is 5x10


I want to share what I been doing today but first it was a morning of cleaning house. My doctor said I should take it easy when it comes to doing things around the house, no heavy lifting, no going up or down  the stairs, no sweeping or mopping the floors and absolutely no driving! Well, I.m stubborn! That's exactly what I did this morning. I couldn't bare it. It needed to be done + it makes me feel so much better to have a tidy home.
I don't like mess. I'm very organize. Well, I try to be.  I love my home organized and nice. I work better when everything around is in it's place. It looks good in here!! 

Once I was done, I took a small break and ate a whole big pickle and an everything bagel with cream cheese yum and sat on the couch for a little while. Then I started to get an itch. I can't be sitting around twirling my fingers. I started creating more pouchies. I just love them so much! I created three and four more are waiting but I think I'll do that tomorrow. So here is one of them the rest tomorrow morning. You know after sitting so long loading up your pictures you get this back ache. Yep that's what happen. So tomorrow is another day! I absolutely need a massage for sure. Dam I feel like an old hag and I'm only 38yrs old. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hellooooooooooo Everyone!Here are my Itsy Bitsy Spill art pouches and I love them!

Here they are, full of vivid colors and whimsy spring play!
It was such a wonderful project and there is more to come in other sizes as well.
These itsy bitsy spill art pouches are done on canvas fabric, decorative fabric, acrylic,  charcoal protected with fixative which protects the painting and adds a beautiful shine to it. I'm so proud of these beauties! 
These beauties are 5x7 with colorful zippers. I will be making more of them in a longer bigger size for pencils, anything you want to store inside I will have soon! I will surprise you! In the mean time take a look and enjoy!
These will be available today at 12pm on Etsy!!
I have a title for each one of them, so scroll down and take a peek!

Love of spring

My beautiful wild flowers bloom!

A summer of whimsy play!

Play time in green spring!

And last but not least
Blossoming friendship!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Itsy bitsy spill art pouche

Hello Everyone!! The weekend is almost over! Hope you guys had a nice one. Today I created a itsy bitsy spill art pouch. I'm so proud of it. It turned out beautiful. It is done canvas fabric decorative lining inside and on the back my hand made signature in ink laminated and sewn onto the pouche, brilliant I thought! I love it!
It makes a great gift. 
My pouches will be available on Etsy Tuesday at 12pm

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