Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A grand new day!

done in gouache charcoal gesso kraft paper on wood block
protected with fixative and varnish

Hello Everyone!!
First, I want to say Thank You! for your support and kind wisdom. It's a grand new day and I'll tell you why that is. First, yesterday I did some reflecting and meditated. And I realized there was a problem. Lately I found myself being to caught up in the past and too far into the future and not enjoying my time here, right now. Life is so much sweeter when you are living in the now. Why worry and waste my energy! I feel if it's meant that I have a child with the man I love and adore, it will happen and if not, then that's the way it's suppose to be and I will accept it, there is always adoption. So many kids without families who need to be loved and taken care of. My significant other says that's another option. But I have faith that I can have my own someday, if all goes well. We can see an infertility specialist. One step at a time! Right now I will concentrate solely on my paintings and not on anything else. I will see thing s at a positive perspective in terms of my wanting a child. It's a grand new day!! And I will live life now and enjoy every minute of it.

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