Naked Art Videos

Video 1

Have fun enjoy the process of this wonderful technique
Practice during the week and on Friday of next week May 23, 2014
Video 3 and Video 4
If you have any question please don't hesitate I'm here if you need me!

Video 2
Be wild with your Art and be funkylicous!

Naked art video 3 Accordion book from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Video 3
Accordion book
This week internet will work better at my home and I apologize for the delay
Thank you Elisa for your help!
I need to get my self an Internet gizmo when problems like this occur, not cool!
Enjoy and if you have any trouble or questions don't hesitate!
naked art video 4 collage from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

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