Friday, July 11, 2014

Bring your goddess to the pages!

Your Whimsy Fun Journal is here and it's your workshop to explore and have fun!
The idea of this workshop is to take all the aspects of your fun images and shapes adding them in your pages using tools that will make your piece a wonderful whimsy experience.

I want you to bring out your wackiness and quirky self and your spiritual self by using these elements to your advantage. Those elements are your own ideas and your own exploration. Bring out your goddess in your journal. Create your story! The goddess in you is what makes your pages special.

What we will do is get a Moleskine, what ever size you want, you are all talented ladies who are independent individuals and with that independence each will take this journey, this adventure and rejoice in it using all the colors you love to experiment with.

The Spiritual in art and self
There is no such thing as failure or mistakes. What some of us might call mistakes are only experiences of growth. They are there to show us and teach us to become better at something we love. And as artists and women we face them, so we may grow. So make as many mistakes as possible. Let's go with our intuition and spirituality. Let it be your guidance, your voice, and you must trust that inner voice. The critic that gets involved in your process is only the voice of insecurities.

As real as these insecurities are and feel, we all know it keeps us stuck, keeping us from growing, and it has no reason to be here. Only your lovely self! So tap into your creative being and make her dive into your pages with beauty and poetry. You have yourself in poetry. So allow her to be wild, loud and whimsy. This is your inner child and your woman of light. This doesn't mean that when your inner child is angry you shouldn't let her out to explore your pages, by all means let her rip and float.
Your Goddess elements!

1- For the first week we will use the element of Light and Air
Define what light is in color. Be Intuitive
2- For the second week we will use the element of Water
Define what water is in color. Be liquid and peaceful
3- For the third week use the element of Fire.
Be wild, Brave and Courageous
Define what fire means in color and spirit.
4- For the fourth week we will use the element of Spirit.
A sense of connected and balance.
Define what Spirit means to you in color
5- For the fifth week we will use the element of Earth.
Representing strength and femininity
Define what earth means to you in color

The workshop starts tonight at 9pm

After you purchase you will be given a password and I will direct you to the videos.
Go at your pace. Videos can be watched at any time and you can down load them as well. There is no time limit.

Your Materials

A Moleskine - a size of your choice
Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil pastels, Color pencils, Medium pastes, gesso and more.
And other tools and scraps you may have. USE THEM!

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