Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pop up in your face!

A whimsical pop up portrait 

These are meant to be  wall art  on 5x5 wood block - These beautiful pieces are done in mix media - acrylic, gesso, charcoal on wood chip wood box against a wood block ready to hang for your wall.

I love them!!!!

I made these, two nights ago. A fun fun inspirational late night till 5am in the morning. I was beat but very happy to go to bed knowing that creating these was worth staying up late a weed hours of night watching Roswell.
I been staying up late till 2am and 5am while everyone is asleep. I love staying up creating. I enjoying working at night. It's pretty distracting during the day my studio is my living room, that means I have no privacy. People knock on the door, the phone is ringing. George stomps around and  in and out the door and I'm left feeling. Jesus, can a woman get some peace and quiet around here, without someone knocking on the door or the phone ringing. So I stay up and take advantage of the time while everyone else is sleeping. George doesn't quite like it. He loves to cuddle. I do too but when my creative juices are flowing, nothing can stop me. But I think tonight I might just go to bed early!!!!
Love and sweet kisses to you all!!!!

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