Monday, June 22, 2009

The imagination at play!

I'm painted in gouache watercolor gesso and charcoal on this fabulous watercolor paper called Vincent Rossini 140lb cold press. The texture is wonderful!! Here I am waiting for you to adopt me. I'm full of vibrant colors. You see, a dear friend of mine by the name of Magaly Ohika created me, actually I'm her inner child. And she loves to play dream and venture deep into her imagination full of sweet magic and play and tickles the soul.
art is an act of the soul!!

For me a painting is like a story which
stimulates the imagination and draws the mind
into a place filled with expectation, excitement,
wonder and pleasure
by J.P. Hughston

Celebrate you!

done in gouache gesso watercolor charcoal on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 140lb cold press

The most precious thing in life is celebrating your existence '' you'' cherishing every moment of your life loving who you are. So celebrate you because you, are special.


Done in gouache watercolor charcoal gesso on Vincent Rossini Watercolor paper 140lb cold press

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