Monday, March 11, 2013

Colorful sicky me needs some chamomile tea!

The beautiful colors around me

The paper is gesso graphite painted in acrylic 9 x12
will be on Etsy for Sale

I haven't had much to say these days been sick but still had some energy to paint.
Been having some trouble sleeping. Don't you just hate that? The Tossing the turning the getting up in the middle of the night. I been tired but never tired when it comes to painting. Painting keeps me going and heals me. I know when my hands need to relax, I read a good book. The book I'm reading now - The Night Circus - A Novel by Erin Morgenstern. She is wonderful! It's a very inspiring book. I would love to finally finish my book but it's in my book shelve collecting dust for the time being. I'm blocked. Let me rephrase that, the story is done but my illustration are not. I have 15 illustrations left to do and I'm stuck, it's so frustrating! But I will get around to it soon! To be honest I'm just afraid, yep afraid about my book. It would be my first! But hey I guess that's normal to be scared but I do have to snap out of it! Any who, I been painting and sculpting as well. I finished a bunny Rappit, is dry now. Now paint will be added. I tried to do several but failed and decided step back and try it later when I'm better. So I'm back to painting my beautiful pieces. Painting another new piece which I love love! I will be posting soon. Enjoy!

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